60 years of marriage for Chatteris couple

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683px-Diamond,_14kG,_wed_eng_anv_RINGA couple from Chatteris have just celebrated 60 years of marriage.

Town Councillor Terry Shad and his wife Janet, both 82, celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with friends and family.

The couple first met at a dance in Weymouth in 1953, with Terry making a bold move in walking Janet home that evening.

Terry Shad said: “I walked her home and we shook hands on the doorstep.

“But she made the mistake of showing me where she lived so I went back the next morning at breakfast time and knocked on the door. Her mother was furious but tolerated it.”

For his marriage proposal, Terry kept it simple by slipping an engagement ring on Janet’s finger.

Unfortunately the ring didn’t fit, so the couple went to the jewellers to exchange it.

On August 14 1954, the couple married at Holy Trinity Church in Weymouth.

The couple then opened a hotel business together in Cornwall, before moving to Chatteris in 2004.

When asked what makes a marriage last, Terry replied: “You have to accept what you have in life and not try to overreach.

“You also have to understand there is always an answer to any problem.

“As you grow older, there is a closer relationship as you realise how valuable your time together is.”

Congratulations to Terry and Janet!

Source: Fenland Citizen

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