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The wedding season is upon us, and those internet banking mystics First Direct have once again reported back from their annual look at couples’ preferred wedding gifts, as well as the kinds of presents that their guests prefer to buy. … Continue reading

The wedding ring hidden inside some tiramisu was always a health hazard, whilst getting the stadium announcer at a football match to pop the question is at once lazy and misguided.  Then there is the romantic getaway, and whilst points … Continue reading

Whilst your own bottom drawer will likely contain some kind of pants and socks medley, back in the day it was the place for an unwed woman to keep valuables in preparation for her marriage. As tradition changed, it became … Continue reading

Swedish online music behemoth Spotify has released the 20 most popular wedding songs, based on 78,000 wedding playlists.  Whilst many usual suspects, bearing more than just a whiff of cheddar about them, are present as expected, there are some surprise … Continue reading

It’s the thought that counts, and sometimes that thought has come from the mind of a maniac. Most wedding presents follow a similar pattern of usefulness; some are for show, but still look pretty and add a nice touch to … Continue reading

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