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It’s really simple, subscribing to the mynannyspy website is a great gift because it’s one of the most popular adult video sites in 2018. Every day it is visited by thousands of people not only from the US or the … Continue reading

No matter how much planning you do, it’s impossible to account for those last minute mishaps which can occur on your big day. Having a survival kit on hand however allows you to quickly deal with these small emergencies so … Continue reading

From helping you to choose a beautiful dress to throwing you one huge exciting party for your hen-do, your beloved bridesmaids will be right by your side throughout every stage of your wedding. A bridal gift is a brilliant way … Continue reading

Coming up with a centrepiece idea can be difficult, there’s so much else to think about and organise! Hopefully our guide will be able to provide more than a little bit of inspiration and take the stress off at least … Continue reading

When picking a menu for your reception, you can drive yourself mad trying to think of dishes that will please everyone. With so many guests with so many tastes, you might think it’s hard creating the perfect combination of foods … Continue reading

A couple from Chatteris have just celebrated 60 years of marriage. Town Councillor Terry Shad and his wife Janet, both 82, celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with friends and family. The couple first met at a dance in Weymouth in … Continue reading

A bride received a pleasant surprise from One Direction band member, Harry Styles, jokingly pleading her to leave her husband for him on her wedding day. At the beginning of June, Tash Gershfield was left blushing after her fiancée organised … Continue reading

Hotels and restaurants in the South West are turning away stag parties, according to Hotels and Restaurants Association chairman, Keith Fearne. The Seaward Hotel, Avon, no longer accepts stag parties, with the Welbeck Hotel refusing all-male parties during the summer … Continue reading

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced possible plans for couples to receive tax breaks worth up to £200 after marriage. If plans are to go ahead, four million couples could benefit from a £1,000 transferable tax allowance from 2015. Those … Continue reading

Everyone wants that special something at their wedding and reception that sets their day apart from the rest. So how about a photobooth? Photobooths are now becoming a growing trend at weddings and receptions, a modern way for guests and couples … Continue reading

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