Christmas gifts to give engaged couples

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christmas-presents-under-treeChoosing the perfect Christmas gift for anyone can be hard work, especially as the days draw closer to December 25.

Now is the time to begin thinking what you would like to give people for the festive season and newly engaged couples can be a challenge when it comes to deciding on what to buy for them.

Use this handy festive feature to make sure your gift is special to them.

Household items

When engaged couples live together, there is usually a long list of household items they have yet to buy for themselves.

If they’re cooking fanatics, no amount of kitchenware is enough, so take a look at some of the quirky items you could buy to spice up their meals.

Some couples may be in the process of decorating their home and are in need of things that fit their colour scheme. Choose a Christmas gift that will suit their ideal style for a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated in the long term.

For the bathroom, matching towels or bath mats are also ideal Christmas gifts to give to them this year.

Something significant

Every couple loves to share some of their stories and adventures they have together, and this can offer some great ideas for Christmas gifts.

Listen to their memorable tales and see if you can tailor them into something significant that will remind them of that moment for years to come. This could be anything from a photo in a frame or an ornament, just to give you an idea of the things you should be looking for.

Another ideal gift would be something thoughtful they can use on their wedding day. A knife to use for the cutting of the wedding cake just one of many ideas to make their day special.


Sometimes, when you’re completely clueless on what to get someone for Christmas, a voucher is always the best plan B.

For engaged couples, they may have just moved house or just looking to stock up on household appliances. Vouchers are a fantastic way to show you have thought about them this Christmas and they can buy themselves something they really want.

What’s also great about vouchers is that there is no risk of buying something that is unsuitable.

Christmas decorations

Almost every home has traditional Christmas decorations that come out every year, with some being more special than others.

This Christmas, buy a bauble that is personalised with their names for a gift that they will use year after year. As well as being budget-friendly, this gift idea is festive and thoughtful.

Other Christmas decorations, such as handmade holly wreaths and a gingerbread house, are also fantastic festive treats.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Marriage Gift List!

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