Countryside v city wedding

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cross processed image of a wedding couple holding handsChoosing whether to have a countryside or city wedding can be an easy decision for some people, but for others it may be difficult to both agree on your preferred setting.

This feature will highlight the pros and cons of both countryside and city venues to assist with your wedding decision-making.

A wedding in the countryside


Your wedding is a special moment in both of your lives; therefore you may both want to enjoy the day in a quiet location in the countryside. Many wedding venues are located in peaceful areas where you and your guests can enjoy your special day without interruptions.

Romantic Scenery

Rural locations offer stunning views, providing the ideal backdrop for your wedding photographs. Enjoy a romantic walk as a married couple or set up a marquee in acres of beautiful grounds if your wedding is during the summer months.

Historical venues

If you’re looking for a venue with some history, the countryside has many options to choose from. Take a look around some of England’s prestigious converted castles or have your ceremony in a Georgian hotel. The countryside offers a wide range of venues for a modern or vintage wedding.

A ceremony in the city

Nearby venues

In a city, many venues are within close proximity of each other. Have an intimate ceremony at the city hall, before going a short distance to your reception. Cities also have a wide range of venues to choose from, so long as you’re happy for the attention you’ll receive from strangers in the street!

Modern services

If you’re looking to have a modern wedding, the city provides the perfect location from the tall buildings to the contemporary venues. Many places will offer all-inclusive offerings, where you can have both your ceremony and reception all in one place.

Places to stay

In the city, there are many hotels where your guests can stay before and after the wedding. If your friends and family live a long distance away, this will offer them convenience and peace of mind so they can enjoy your wedding celebrations.

Why not both?

If your budget allows you to, there is no reason why you can’t have a city ceremony and then host your reception at a venue in the countryside. Just make sure you check travel arrangements and that your guests are not travelling too far between locations.

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