Curse of 2013 puts weddings on hold

Posted on by Naomi

The number 13 is what some superstitious people dread, with some weddings being booked for 2014, to avoid the ‘Curse of 2013.’

Some superstitious people believe the number 13 is unlucky and some even squirm at the thought of a Friday falling on the 13th.

For couples planning their wedding, many have stayed clear of 2013, just in case.

According to the Huffington Post, wedding suppliers have also feared the ‘Curse of 2013,’ with some experiencing a quieter year than usual. However, it’s not all bad news, with plenty of business being booked for 2014.

Louise Parker, from Cakes From The Heart said: “I noticed most brides were booking ahead to 2014 and even 2015 which seemed a long way off- it was ‘the curse of 2013’ and we are now seeing a marked increase in bookings for next year.”

For other couples, who are not been dissuaded by the supposedly unlucky year, have been able to enjoy plenty of available options for their special day in 2013.

Aberdeen based photographer, Paul Mackie of Paul Mackie Photography added: “This year my couples are the type who don’t worry about superstition and have mentioned this to me. I have had the best year and have yielded my best work as a result.”

Going against the grain, Vicky Camplin, 39, is planning a 2013 winter wedding. The bride-to-be and her fiancée were due to marry next summer, but changed their minds as the time felt right now.

She said: “I am a little superstitious about some things but the number 13 is definitely not going to stop us getting married this year. We are very happy, deeply in love and don’t see any point in waiting. When it’s right, it’s right.”

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