Favourite Wedding Gifts – Can’t beat cash

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The wedding season is upon us, and those internet banking mystics First Direct have once again reported back from their annual look at couples’ preferred wedding gifts, as well as the kinds of presents that their guests prefer to buy.

The survey studied 2,015 people overall, and, as with 2011, the couples’ most popular choice is cash.  31% said they would prefer to receive money, or vouchers, whilst the closest alternative was a gift of the guest’s choosing, getting 20% of votes.

19% opted, oddly, for nothing, whilst a gift list or registry service stood in joint-fourth place with 13% of votes.  The classic answer of ‘don’t know’ shared that position.  Finally, 4% demonstrated their good nature by backing a charity donation as their choice.

For wedding guests, their preferred choices mirrored the couples’ list.  33% opted for cash, whilst 27% went for something of their own choosing.

A quarter of participants prefer a gift list or registry, whilst 8% ‘don’t know’.  A charity donation received 4% of votes, and the remaining 3% went with the budget-conscious option of ‘nothing’.

Here are the lists in full:


1. Cash / vouchers (31%)

2. Gift of guest’s own choosing (20%)

3. Nothing (19%)

4. Gift list / wedding registry (13%)

5. Don’t know (13%)

6. Charity Donation (4%)


1. Cash / vouchers (33%)

2. A gift of my choosing (27%)

3. Gift list / wedding registry (25%)

4. Don’t know (8%)

5. Charity Donation (4%)

6. Nothing (3%)

There were a few other interesting regional titbits revealed by the survey; the South West is home to the largest percentage of people (27%) who think that asking for cash to pay off a mortgage is a good gift idea, whilst the Eastern region seems to dislike any kind of cash as a present, with 43% considering such a gift impersonal.

Also worth noting is that Scottish people are quite likely to think gift suggestions are rude, as 42% did not approve of the idea.

So it looks like money is a safe bet.  Might be a good idea to return that painting of a badger.

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