Grab some good luck on your wedding day!

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Whether or not you are superstitious, it’s hard to resist submitting to a few good luck charms on your big day.  There are plenty of things to try, as well as some good luck signs to look out for, and GetWed has put together a list of the most popular and quirky suggestions.

Swipe a sugar cube

This Greek tradition requires the bride to sneak a sugar cube into one of her gloves, assuming gloves are part of her outfit, and it’s supposed to sweeten the union!

Spider surprise

If you find a money spider, or several, hiding in your dress, as bizarre as that may sound, it is considered very lucky.  It might also mean you need to clean the dress, but try to focus on the positives.

Carried away

After all the manic fun of your wedding day, don’t forget that the groom MUST carry the bride across the threshold.  It might as well be a legal requirement.

Weekday weddings

Some actually believe that Saturday, whilst tempting and popular, is actually an unlucky day for your wedding.  Go for a weekday and you avoid the rumoured risk of the weekend, plus everything is usually cheaper if you book during the week.

Have a horseshoe

Horseshoes have long been considered a symbol of luck, and getting one in on your wedding day might be wise.  This doesn’t mean ride in on a horse, as it’s a budgetary nightmare, but an icing horseshoe on your cake isn’t a bad idea.

Nice day for a wet wedding

Some people fear the wet weather on their wedding day, but a drastic downpour is actually supposed to be a sign of good luck.

Lucky numbers

If you have any superstitions about numbers, and have any that you think bring you luck, then incorporate them into your wedding day.  It could be the number of bridesmaids, or the number of tables at the reception, or the maximum number of drinks the in-laws are allowed.

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