Grisly gifts – The world’s worst wedding presents

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It’s the thought that counts, and sometimes that thought has come from the mind of a maniac. Most wedding presents follow a similar pattern of usefulness; some are for show, but still look pretty and add a nice touch to the home, whilst others will always prove useful, like the personalised teapot or swanky utensil set.

But then someone buys you a 6ft picture of a dog, wearing sunglasses, eating a block of cheese. What do you do with this present? Burning it seems harsh, but it takes up too much storage space to be kept. It certainly isn’t going on the wall, or if it does it will have to be covered with some kind of Indian throw to protect the eyesight of visitors.

There is no definitive solution, but just for fun we have found some of the worst wedding presents – some genuine stinkers, with the general aim of scaring you. These are quotes from the recipients. Brace yourself.

  • A 3-D painting of a horse
  • A really ugly art piece involving a cow tooth
  • A picture of a wine cork
  • A ceramic angel in a bathtub
  • Febreze air freshener
  • Empty gift card
  • Six George Foreman grills
  • An IOU
  • A re-gifted broken gravy boat
  • A bottle of vinegar vegetables, and…
  • Nothing

Some brutal entries there. When you get some cutlery, be thankful.

Thanks to The Knot for compiling this hideous list.

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