Hotels turning away stag parties

Posted on by Naomi

Hotels and restaurants in the South West are turning away stag parties, according to Hotels and Restaurants Association chairman, Keith Fearne.

The Seaward Hotel, Avon, no longer accepts stag parties, with the Welbeck Hotel refusing all-male parties during the summer this year.

Around 1,000 stag and hen dos hit the town of Weston, spending around £20,000 on alcohol alone, on one of the most popular weekends to celebrate upcoming weddings.

According to statistics, by national events agency Chillisauce, there was a 9% increase of pre-wedding parties being held in Weston in comparison to the same weekend, back in 2012.

Keith Fearne told The Weston Mercury: “There have been instances of fire extinguishers going off, and doors being smashed or kicked in, possibly because they have lost the keys. Instead of calling reception they will break the door in themselves.

He also said that customers have become aggressive when the hotels try to get them to pay for the damages.

He added: “Trying to extract money for damages is laborious, time consuming and sometimes frightening.

“People get aggressive – men and women. A number of hotels have stopped taking these parties.”

Wherever you go for your stag or hen party, it’s always advisable to drink responsibly, have respect for other partygoers and, of course, having a memorable time.


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