Live lip-sync proposal goes viral

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The wedding ring hidden inside some tiramisu was always a health hazard, whilst getting the stadium announcer at a football match to pop the question is at once lazy and misguided.  Then there is the romantic getaway, and whilst points are scored for setting and expenditure, there is a little lacking in the innovation department.

A guy from Portland, Oregan in the US has managed to land himself the unofficial award for most inventive marriage proposal, along with an online viral hit, and, of course, the small matter of a fiancée.

On May 23rd this year, Isaac told his girlfriend Amy to meet him at his parent’s house.  Upon arrival she was placed in the back of a Honda CR-V.  Despite this sounding like the beginnings of something unpleasant, she was about to get a show-stopping, unforgettable performance courtesy of friends and family.

With headphones on, and facing out of the back of the SUV, she was driven slowly down the road listening to ‘Marry You’, by Bruno Mars, whilst experiencing some heart-warming choreography clearly put together with a painstaking degree of planning.  The elaborate unfolding has to be seen to be believed, with a heart-warming finish that is impossible to resist.  If you’re susceptible to teary-eyes, you have very much been warned.

Isaac’s video, and his girlfriend’s wonderful reaction, has broken the 5 million viewers mark in a matter of days, and is still going strong.  You have to wonder what on Earth he’ll do for the wedding!

‘Thriller’, anyone?

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