Marriage certificates could bear mothers’ names

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe UK Home Office is considering whether mothers’ names should be included on marriage certificates in England and Wales.

A marriage certificate is the important piece of paper that currently only needs both the bride and groom’s fathers’ names.

More than 100 MPs are branding the current law as outdated and feel it should be changed so women are not removed from history.

The new, modern law will the match up to Northern Ireland and Scotland’s marriage certificates which already bear the names of the couple’s mothers.

Green MP, Caroline Lucas said: “[the] law should not perpetuate the offensive and outdated message that marriage is a business transaction between fathers.”

The MP also said that both parents are recorded on a civil partnership certificate; therefore the same thing should apply to a marriage certificate.

Shortly after the issue was raised, the Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, has said he would look into changing the law.

Lib Dem MP, Julien Huppert added: “I have discussed modernising marriage certificates with the home secretary and we are currently considering a range of options.

“The content of marriage registers has not changed since civil marriage was introduced in 1837, so it is right that we look at whether it still meets our needs.”

The Home Office has yet to announce when the marriage certificate will be changed.

Source: BBC News

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