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wedding-guests-1The happiest day of your life could also be potentially the most stressful. Keeping track of the many friends and family that you’ll see throughout the day seems like an impossible task. There are, however, a few simple things you can do to keep your

guests excited over a long day, so your wedding will be rocking right up until the end.

Keep on schedule

Anyone who’s ever been to a wedding knows how tedious it can be when you’re spending time waiting for the next thing to happen. You can avoid this by letting there be no longer than 30 minutes without anything happening and making the day move in single, hour long chunks. Obviously there are some things that are out of your control, but as long as your guests aren’t standing around doing nothing, they’ll stay interested.

Layer activities 

Making sure you don’t pile on event after event is important at a wedding. When the guests are sat down, consider layering the speeches in-between courses, rather than dumping them all at once. This way, the guests aren’t forced to sit through 20 minutes of talking at a time, giving them something to look forward to.

Don’t just dance

The reception can often contain a long period of dancing, so consider breaking it up by cutting the cake. This way, there isn’t a full 90 minutes of solid dancing, so guests won’t get burnt out by the end. Cutting the cake will give guests a chance to refresh, then get straight back on the dance floor.

End on a high note

Sometimes, its good to leave them wanting more. Think about making your grand exit just as the party is reaching its peak. This way, your guests will leave with a lasting memory that they’ll never forget, rather than just filtering out at the end an hour after that party has died off.

Throw an after party

If you’ve got a lot of families coming along, you might want to wrap up your actual reception at a reasonable time, meaning you’ll have less sleepy kids needing to be taken home. An after party means you can invite those who want to continue the celebrations and keep on partying in a less formal setting. This way, the reception drags on less and you can end on a bang.

cross processed image of a wedding couple holding handsChoosing whether to have a countryside or city wedding can be an easy decision for some people, but for others it may be difficult to both agree on your preferred setting.

This feature will highlight the pros and cons of both countryside and city venues to assist with your wedding decision-making.

A wedding in the countryside


Your wedding is a special moment in both of your lives; therefore you may both want to enjoy the day in a quiet location in the countryside. Many wedding venues are located in peaceful areas where you and your guests can enjoy your special day without interruptions.

Romantic Scenery

Rural locations offer stunning views, providing the ideal backdrop for your wedding photographs. Enjoy a romantic walk as a married couple or set up a marquee in acres of beautiful grounds if your wedding is during the summer months.

Historical venues

If you’re looking for a venue with some history, the countryside has many options to choose from. Take a look around some of England’s prestigious converted castles or have your ceremony in a Georgian hotel. The countryside offers a wide range of venues for a modern or vintage wedding.

A ceremony in the city

Nearby venues

In a city, many venues are within close proximity of each other. Have an intimate ceremony at the city hall, before going a short distance to your reception. Cities also have a wide range of venues to choose from, so long as you’re happy for the attention you’ll receive from strangers in the street!

Modern services

If you’re looking to have a modern wedding, the city provides the perfect location from the tall buildings to the contemporary venues. Many places will offer all-inclusive offerings, where you can have both your ceremony and reception all in one place.

Places to stay

In the city, there are many hotels where your guests can stay before and after the wedding. If your friends and family live a long distance away, this will offer them convenience and peace of mind so they can enjoy your wedding celebrations.

Why not both?

If your budget allows you to, there is no reason why you can’t have a city ceremony and then host your reception at a venue in the countryside. Just make sure you check travel arrangements and that your guests are not travelling too far between locations.

Image: StockArch 

starbucks-weddings_49412A report has suggested couples are choosing to host their wedding at their favourite Starbucks coffee shop.

When you search the hashtag #StarbucksWedding on Twitter, you’ll be greeted by couples appearing to have their wedding celebrations in various Starbucks coffee houses.

The trend seems to happening primarily in the U.S, with hundreds of newlyweds posing for photos in a Starbucks.

Whether ceremonies are being held there remains unknown.

However, Inc. has claimed the whole thing is a marketing ploy created by the coffee giants themselves.

Starbucks CMO, Sharon Rothstein said: “We are always delighted to hear how our customers are using our stores to share important life moments, big and small.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Starbucks stores in the U.S are hosting “The World’s Largest Starbucks Date” on February 13 2015, which will offer couples a special pairings menu and other romantic experiences.

The event has been organised in partnership with the coffee company and Match.com.

While the U.S is sparking the trend for Starbucks weddings, we think it may not catch on in the UK.

Image: Instagram/tymkemp

Wedding-holding-hands-980x653Happy New Year! It’s 2015 and now you’ve enjoyed the celebrations of being engaged, it’s time to start planning your wedding.

Whether you only have a few months to prepare or a whole year, use our feature to make sure you’re on top of all the important essentials you need for your wedding.

Be a decision-maker

When you’re planning a wedding, it can be a stressful process especially when it comes to making decisions.

Many of us are notorious for finding decision-making difficult, but now is the time to make easy and a habit. Write down your options and weigh the pros and cons of each, before finalising what you want to do.

As an individual, you may have a rough idea in your mind on what you want, but remember both of you have to agree on the same thing.

Keep everything in one folder

Magazine cuttings, important receipts, venue information and photographer details can easily get lost during the wedding planning process.

Create one folder, complete with dividers, to help keep all your things together. Maybe not the wedding dress ideas though…

Send out invites ASAP

To almost guarantee full attendance of your guest list, send out ‘save the date’ invitations a few months in advance before you send out the official invites.

If you’re already clued up on your list, send invitations to your guests as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. This also helps when you order catering for the reception.

All inclusive wedding venue?

All inclusive wedding venues are convenient if you don’t have long to plan your big day. They are also ideal for couples who are on a budget.

Depending on the venue, many places offer catering, guest rooms at discounted prices and the ceremony.

Order the wedding cake promptly

Depending on how detailed you would like your wedding cake, book quickly to get your ideal time slot at the bakers.

This is especially important if you’re looking to have intricate detail or numerous layers on your cake.

D.I.Y the wedding favours

Wedding favours can become quite expensive, so we recommend getting creative and making them yourself.

Favours don’t have to be complicated, from a jar of sweets to a small box of items that represent you as a couple.

Keep your flowers local

Research which flower shops are local in your area or nearby your wedding venue because the less travelled they are, the longer they’ll stay fresh.

Booking your honeymoon

Hopefully you both have a good idea where you want to go for your honeymoon; therefore it’s time to get booking ASAP.

The honeymoon is one of the most expensive investments for a wedding, so we recommend looking online for bargains as early as possible.

If you’re on a really tight budget, rent out a traditional English cottage in the countryside for a romantic getaway.

Find the right photographer

You want to make sure you have the perfect souvenir to remember your special day – the wedding photo album.

Take your time scouting professional photographers and their rates. If you have married friends or family, and liked the results of their photos, ask them for recommendations.

The wedding dress

Take your time choosing your wedding dress to find the right one for you. Enjoy the experience of trying on beautiful gowns until you have a few options to choose from.

Image: Imgarcade.com

christmas-presents-under-treeChoosing the perfect Christmas gift for anyone can be hard work, especially as the days draw closer to December 25.

Now is the time to begin thinking what you would like to give people for the festive season and newly engaged couples can be a challenge when it comes to deciding on what to buy for them.

Use this handy festive feature to make sure your gift is special to them.

Household items

When engaged couples live together, there is usually a long list of household items they have yet to buy for themselves.

If they’re cooking fanatics, no amount of kitchenware is enough, so take a look at some of the quirky items you could buy to spice up their meals.

Some couples may be in the process of decorating their home and are in need of things that fit their colour scheme. Choose a Christmas gift that will suit their ideal style for a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated in the long term.

For the bathroom, matching towels or bath mats are also ideal Christmas gifts to give to them this year.

Something significant

Every couple loves to share some of their stories and adventures they have together, and this can offer some great ideas for Christmas gifts.

Listen to their memorable tales and see if you can tailor them into something significant that will remind them of that moment for years to come. This could be anything from a photo in a frame or an ornament, just to give you an idea of the things you should be looking for.

Another ideal gift would be something thoughtful they can use on their wedding day. A knife to use for the cutting of the wedding cake just one of many ideas to make their day special.


Sometimes, when you’re completely clueless on what to get someone for Christmas, a voucher is always the best plan B.

For engaged couples, they may have just moved house or just looking to stock up on household appliances. Vouchers are a fantastic way to show you have thought about them this Christmas and they can buy themselves something they really want.

What’s also great about vouchers is that there is no risk of buying something that is unsuitable.

Christmas decorations

Almost every home has traditional Christmas decorations that come out every year, with some being more special than others.

This Christmas, buy a bauble that is personalised with their names for a gift that they will use year after year. As well as being budget-friendly, this gift idea is festive and thoughtful.

Other Christmas decorations, such as handmade holly wreaths and a gingerbread house, are also fantastic festive treats.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Marriage Gift List!

Wedding-PresentsPicking wedding gifts for your Marriage Gift List can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Is there something you need? Something you wish to have but can’t afford? Take inspiration from our top 10 wedding gift ideas.


If you’re missing one or two pieces from your kitchen, or just fancy a George Foreman, your friends and family might just be able to help you. Many kitchen utensils aren’t too expensive, so this gift idea is great for guests who would like to give a little something.


Sometimes just a simple voucher could go a long way and you’ll be able to buy what you want with it. Many gift cards also offer the flexibility to spend them within one year, so you’ll have plenty of time to choose what you would like to buy.


There is nothing more traditional than receiving money as a wedding gift. Many guests prefer to contribute cash to any expensive purchases, such as the honeymoon and home improvements. If you have something in mind that you would like donations for, make sure you state clearly your financial target.

Personalised gifts

To remember your special day, request something personalised that you can keep for years to come. It could be something engraved or a compilation of photographs of you and your partner. Personalised gifts also vary in size and price, so this kind of gift is suitable for all budgets.

Experience days

Have something to look forward to by requesting an experience day, from taking a ride on quad bikes to spa retreats. There are so many things to choose from, that will provide a memorable moment for you both as a married couple.


Commemorate your special day with a bottle of champagne, which is dated the same year you get married. Keep it stored away for a future anniversary or take it with you on a future holiday, providing a thoughtful keepsake.

Household furniture

We all know how expensive furnishing a home can be, so tell your friends and family your colour scheme or point them in the right direction if you see a specific piece of furniture you would like.

First Fight Box

The First Fight Box is one of the most quirky gifts in our top 10, and we just love the idea! On your wedding day, both of you write a letter to each other describing the best qualities or even precious memories you have had together. Accompanied with a bottle of your favourite drink, you nail shut the box until you have your first fight.

Wedding puzzle guest book

Ask one of your guests to buy a wedding puzzle guest book, which makes a photograph of you and your partner when it’s put together. Leave the puzzle pieces on a table so guests can write their well wishes on the back. This is definitely a modern twist on the generic guestbook!

Handmade gifts

If one of your friends or family is quite creative, suggest they make something as a wedding present. This sort of gift doesn’t have to be expensive and is ideal for your guests who are unable to buy you something expensive. It’s the thought that counts!

Image: Lnk.si @ Flickr


683px-Diamond,_14kG,_wed_eng_anv_RINGA couple from Chatteris have just celebrated 60 years of marriage.

Town Councillor Terry Shad and his wife Janet, both 82, celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with friends and family.

The couple first met at a dance in Weymouth in 1953, with Terry making a bold move in walking Janet home that evening.

Terry Shad said: “I walked her home and we shook hands on the doorstep.

“But she made the mistake of showing me where she lived so I went back the next morning at breakfast time and knocked on the door. Her mother was furious but tolerated it.”

For his marriage proposal, Terry kept it simple by slipping an engagement ring on Janet’s finger.

Unfortunately the ring didn’t fit, so the couple went to the jewellers to exchange it.

On August 14 1954, the couple married at Holy Trinity Church in Weymouth.

The couple then opened a hotel business together in Cornwall, before moving to Chatteris in 2004.

When asked what makes a marriage last, Terry replied: “You have to accept what you have in life and not try to overreach.

“You also have to understand there is always an answer to any problem.

“As you grow older, there is a closer relationship as you realise how valuable your time together is.”

Congratulations to Terry and Janet!

Source: Fenland Citizen

new7Choosing your wedding dress should be an exciting and fun experience, but when the shop owner comes out with dress terminology you don’t understand, it can become daunting.

To help you get your head around it all, we’ve chosen our ten most common words complete with definitions.

Drop waist

This kind of wedding dress comes with a bodice that is fitted to your top half, with the dress flowing naturally and slightly further down from your hips. This style works well if you want a train.


This word is used to describe a wedding dress that has a heart-shaped cut along the top. Its dip in the middle is smoother than a V-neckline.

Boat neck

The cut of this dress is classic and made to show off the collarbone by resting on the shoulder point.


This word can be used for any wedding dress which isn’t symmetrical, such as one shoulder strap and detail or gathering on one side.


This is another classic style where the dress has a very high waist or fitted just under the bust, with the rest of fabric free-flowing. This style is especially ideal for women who are pear-shaped.


For a simple design, this is a style that has no fitted waist or bodice, making the wedding dress fit in accordance with the bride’s body shape.


This is a term used for the length of a dress which ends at or just above the ankle.


This is simply a dress that uses the support of the bust rather than any straps. This design is ideal for a summer bride or if you plan to wear a necklace on your wedding day.


Tulle is a fabric that is commonly used in wedding dresses, made from a mixture of rayon, cotton, silk or nylon.


A mermaid dress is also known as a fishtail, because the fabric flares out at the bottom of the design. This is usually seen on dresses that are fitted right down the body.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe UK Home Office is considering whether mothers’ names should be included on marriage certificates in England and Wales.

A marriage certificate is the important piece of paper that currently only needs both the bride and groom’s fathers’ names.

More than 100 MPs are branding the current law as outdated and feel it should be changed so women are not removed from history.

The new, modern law will the match up to Northern Ireland and Scotland’s marriage certificates which already bear the names of the couple’s mothers.

Green MP, Caroline Lucas said: “[the] law should not perpetuate the offensive and outdated message that marriage is a business transaction between fathers.”

The MP also said that both parents are recorded on a civil partnership certificate; therefore the same thing should apply to a marriage certificate.

Shortly after the issue was raised, the Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, has said he would look into changing the law.

Lib Dem MP, Julien Huppert added: “I have discussed modernising marriage certificates with the home secretary and we are currently considering a range of options.

“The content of marriage registers has not changed since civil marriage was introduced in 1837, so it is right that we look at whether it still meets our needs.”

The Home Office has yet to announce when the marriage certificate will be changed.

Source: BBC News

A couple has taken their love of Game of Thrones as the inspiration for their wedding day and it was brilliant!

Darren Prew, 37, and Kerry Ford, 33, from Hereford both dressed up as their favourite characters from Game of Thrones to exchange their vows.

Kerry dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen, while Darren played the part of the infamous Jon Snow.

According to the Express, it took the couple and their wedding guests about 50 hours to prepare, making their costumes look as authentic as possible.

Darren Prew said: “I have been a massive Game of Thrones fan since the beginning, so having our biggest day styled in an amazing way is a dream come true.”

Joining the newlywed’s was the bride’s father dressed up as House Stark servant Hodor, her mother dressed up as the priestess Melisandre and her brother committed to the part of the Dothraki Warrior Khal Drogo.

On the groom’s side, his mother arrived as Lady Catelyn Stark and his sister was Brienne of Tarth.

The Best Woman and Best Man impressively supported the wedding couple as White Walkers.

Keeping to the theme, the couple arranged for a Game of Throne wedding cake to be made, featuring a chocolate crown and a model of the prestigious iron throne.

Kerry Ford said: “It was almost a shame to see it eaten. I changed my mind over the design of this cake so many times, it’s the most important cake I’ll ever make.”

Luckily, when it came to the funding of their Game of Thrones wedding, the couple won a competition by online streaming service Blinkbox.


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