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A couple has taken their love of Game of Thrones as the inspiration for their wedding day and it was brilliant!

Darren Prew, 37, and Kerry Ford, 33, from Hereford both dressed up as their favourite characters from Game of Thrones to exchange their vows.

Kerry dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen, while Darren played the part of the infamous Jon Snow.

According to the Express, it took the couple and their wedding guests about 50 hours to prepare, making their costumes look as authentic as possible.

Darren Prew said: “I have been a massive Game of Thrones fan since the beginning, so having our biggest day styled in an amazing way is a dream come true.”

Joining the newlywed’s was the bride’s father dressed up as House Stark servant Hodor, her mother dressed up as the priestess Melisandre and her brother committed to the part of the Dothraki Warrior Khal Drogo.

On the groom’s side, his mother arrived as Lady Catelyn Stark and his sister was Brienne of Tarth.

The Best Woman and Best Man impressively supported the wedding couple as White Walkers.

Keeping to the theme, the couple arranged for a Game of Throne wedding cake to be made, featuring a chocolate crown and a model of the prestigious iron throne.

Kerry Ford said: “It was almost a shame to see it eaten. I changed my mind over the design of this cake so many times, it’s the most important cake I’ll ever make.”

Luckily, when it came to the funding of their Game of Thrones wedding, the couple won a competition by online streaming service Blinkbox.


A bride received a pleasant surprise from One Direction band member, Harry Styles, jokingly pleading her to leave her husband for him on her wedding day.

At the beginning of June, Tash Gershfield was left blushing after her fiancée organised a video from Harry Styles to be made especially for her.

The teenage pop sensation playfully pleaded for the One Direction superfan to leave her husband for him and even told her he would be waiting at a café in Borehamwood for three hours (we assume this was part of the joke, as there were no reports of girls fleeing to the area!).

In the video clip, he’s heard and seen saying: “You don’t have to go through with this”.

He then explains to Tash that it’s not too late and he’ll be waiting if she changes her mind.

Despite the One Direction band member’s efforts; Tash still married her fiancée James, proving that looks and fame aren’t everything. Phew!

Later on in the day, Tash updated her Instagram, with the video of Harry Styles, along with the accompanying caption: “a video from the one and only harry which was played at my wedding!!!!!!! #harrystyles #onedirection #wedding #1D #personalvideo #love”

Source: Mirror

Image credit: mkfm.com 

A man from Bristol devised his proposal to his girlfriend, using his talented abilities, through street art.

Henry Barnes, who lives in Bristol, got a surprise when his proposal became an internet hit, with his latest artwork receiving thousands of ‘likes’ on his Instagram and Flickr account.

Before long, local and international media got hold of his stunning Beauty and the Beast creation, with articles being published in Ireland, Canada and the United States.

Even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton sent his compliments and congratulations, but Henry says the main thing is “that my beautiful fiancée, Stacey, said “yes”.”

In an article on the Huffington Post, he writes: “On Monday morning, about five minutes after Stacey left the house, I began to put my proposal plan into action. I’ve based my street art around my favourite childhood cartoons and films for a couple of years;”

Henry chose Beauty and the Beast as inspiration for his proposal, because it was his fiancée’s favourite Disney film.

After nine hours, 30 cans of aerosol paint and hiding the evidence, his piece was finished and he was ready to propose to Stacey.

Stacey agreed to meet him at Stokes Croft, Bristol where he popped the question amongst nervous ramblings and retrieving the engagement ring from his pocket.

Now that’s what we call a proposal!

Congratulations to Henry and Stacey.

To see Henry Barnes’s Beauty and the Beast themed proposal and other pieces, visit his Flickr account here.

When it comes to planning a wedding there are so many things to think about, from booking your ideal location to hiring the caterers.

Here is our list of the top 10 must-haves you need to remember when it comes to your special day.

A planning folder

Instead of having booking confirmations and ideas floating around the house, compile everything wedding related into a folder.

A folder will help you keep things organised and important information in one place.


Unless you’re Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, who spent a fortune on one of the most highly anticipated weddings of the year, it’s an idea to set a budget for your special day.

Help from friends and family

If your friends and family have agreed to be part of your wedding, that also means they will be there when you need them most.

From wedding dress shopping to suit design choices, they’ll be able to give you a second opinion if you’re unsure on your choices.

A spreadsheet

Have you written up your list of guests and then realised you’ve gone overboard? A spreadsheet will give you a clear idea on how many people you plan on inviting.

Marriage Licence

You can’t forget about it and you can’t get married without it. You will need to obtain one before you are able to exchange your vows.


Ask your friends for recommendations if you don’t know where to start in hiring a photographer, location and catering.

Make a list of all the businesses they recommend and begin making enquiries.

Hen and Stag dos

It’s basically a rite of passage to have a hen and stag do before you’re married. Usually the maid of honour and best man are supposed to organise the event, but if you have something in mind, don’t be afraid to request it.

Marriage Gift List

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to get the items that you’ve been longing to buy for your home.

Create a list of all the things you would like to receive, then your friends and family can reserve what they would like to give you.


After all the hard work you’ve put into your perfect wedding, it’s only fair you get to go on holiday!

For the best price, book your honeymoon as soon as possible. It also gives you something to look forward to.

Don’t forget the rings!

Among the turmoil of organising your wedding, you may forget the all-important rings. Spend a day looking around for your ideal wedding bands or if you want them to be extra special, look into customising your rings.

Delivering a speech to many people can be the makings of a nightmare, especially if it means performing a wedding speech.

You’re standing in front of friends and family, the microphone has been handed to you and suddenly the room has become as hotter than an oven.

Not to fear, because these handy tips can help you see it through from start to finish.

Gather your ideas together

Create a mind map of all the things you wish to say in your speech. Even if some of the ideas seem ridiculous, write them down and then reduce the list until you have your few favourite ideas.

We would say that a speech should last 10 minutes at most, so make sure you include the most important bits.

Highlight some of your most fond memories

Every relationship has quirky memories to share, whether it’s the time you tripped over the pavement on your first date to the time you both came back from holiday sunburnt.

Pick out two or three of your most treasured memories that you want to share with friends and family.

We suggest staying away from revealing any embarrassing moments, unless your bride gives you permission. The last thing you need is wedding cake in the face!

Avoid mentioning your stag do

Rule number one of stag dos; don’t talk about the stag do.

None of your friends and family need to hear about the time you downed 10 shots and got up dancing on the bar table in your underwear. No matter how funny it seems, this will not be appreciated by the younger guests or father-in-law.

Don’t insult

Unless you’re an absolute genius when it comes to making a joke, we advise you stay away from this potentially wedding speech fail.

Some jokes will be hilarious to some guests, but there’s nothing worse than delivering it only for the whole room to go awkwardly silent. Keep it clean and you can’t go wrong.

Limit alcohol consumption until after the wedding speech

By all means have a drink to get some Dutch courage before your speech, but be careful you don’t get too carried away.

It’s always nice to say thank you

If members of your friends and family have gone out of their way to help your prepare the wedding, it’s only appropriate to mention them in your speech.

Traditionally, presents can be handed out to people how have offered their help for your special day, but if you’re on a tight budget they will still feel touched that you acknowledged them.

Practise makes perfect

Try and compose your wedding speech as early as possible, so you can perfect it to the point where you can say it without looking at your notes.

Be confident, speak up and relish in the moment!

Many couples are deciding to marry abroad than staying in the UK, according to new research from ABTA.

This year alone, 1.5 million couples will be travelling to either attend a wedding as a guest or marry abroad, with 65% of them being under 35 years old.

However, some people maybe opting to exchange their vows away from home after the average price of a UK wedding was revealed to be £20,000.

Marrying abroad now costs between £7,000 and £8,000, which even includes couples who want to tie the knot in exotic places, such as Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Couples are also finding twin-centre holidays very attractive too, for example if they wanted a wedding in the Maldives, they can then go to Dubai or Oman to spend their honeymoon on desert camps or high-rise resorts.

Head of communications at ABTA, Victoria Bacon said: “With so many great destinations to choose from, it’s not surprising that weddings abroad are growing in popularity.

“Weddings are one of the most special days in a couple’s life, so it’s very important that if you’re planning a wedding abroad, you research your options thoroughly: talk to a travel professional, who will be able to offer you advice about destinations and experiences; check travel advice with ABTA and the Foreign Office and always book with a reputable company.”

If you think you might have your wedding abroad, check out the top 10 destinations here for inspiration.

Source: Daily Mail 

Wedding dresses, worn by some of the most iconic brides in history, are now being displayed at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your wedding dress, the London’s Victoria and Albert museum is showcasing some of the most famous bridal dresses, dated 1775-2014.

Celebrity and royal brides have offered to put their wedding dresses on display, so the public can get an up-close glimpse at some of the masterpieces.

The display includes Vivienne Westwood’s purple dress, which was worn by Dita Von Teese in 2005 and Kate Moss’s elegant gown from her wedding to Jamie Hince in 2011.

However, the most iconic of all is the spectacular Alexander McQueen wedding dress, worn by the royal Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, with a backdrop display of union flags behind it.

As well as these modern pieces, wedding dresses from as far back as 1775 and from different cultures can also be admired.

Organisers of the showcase said: “Displayed chronologically over two floors, most of the outfits were worn in Britain, by brides of many faiths. Alongside the dresses are accessories including jewellery, shoes, garters, veils, wreaths, hats and corsetry as well as fashion sketches and personal photographs.”

Even if you can’t afford to have a designer wedding dress, the exhibition offers a fascinating insight into how bridal dresses have changed over the years.

Contemporary wedding designers will also be showing off their dress ideas throughout the event.

If you need some ideas or just want to visit the exhibition, the wedding dresses will be on display until March 15 2015.

Source: Forbes

Having the wedding of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire life savings to have a great day, especially when it comes to your dress. We’ve discovered a whole host of fabulous wedding dresses, which can be found in some of the UK’s favourite high street shops.

A wedding dress can be one of the most expensive items on the bridal checklist, but thankfully you can now find your dream dress at a price that won’t insult your bank account.

You’ll be surprised what you can find on the high street, with Monsoon, BHS and Coast all offering gorgeous wedding dresses.

Monsoon has a lovely selection of wedding dresses online and in store, as well as fantastic bridesmaid outfits. Spend a day with your closest friends and have some fun choosing the perfect combination of colours, without the scary price tag.

However, if the idea of picking your dress from the high street makes you tremble with fear, try going into local bridal boutiques for discounted offers.

Many boutiques keep unwanted dresses on sale in case it happens to be another bride’s dream dress. If they have a small flaw, you may find they have big discounts.

Furthermore, local charity shops are full of wedding dresses that can be adjusted to your size and accessorised to make it unique to your style.

If you’re unsure on what kind of design you want, browse high street collections online so you can get idea on what your ideal dress would be and discover the massive savings for yourself!


If you’re uninspired by traditional wedding cakes and fancy something modern, then take a look at Krispy Kreme’s quirky idea.

The American doughnut company has now launched a wedding cake range, created with tiers of delicious doughnuts.

Couples can choose from Krispy Kreme’s doughnut range, creating a tower of 183 doughnuts in different colours and flavours.

At the Krispy Kreme store in Hermiston Gait, the manager Lisa Renfrew claims that members of staff have seen a large amount of requests for doughnut wedding cakes.

She said: “I think they’re great, we’ve made a few of them so far for couples celebrating their big day.

“We make the doughnuts here at the store and give them the tower so the couple can assemble it. They don’t travel well.

“I’ve never actually seen a full tower yet but we’ve made the doughnuts for a few so far.

“It’s nice to know that they are going to be part of a wedding.”

The Krispy Kreme wedding cakes don’t come with a huge price tag in comparison to traditional options, with prices starting at £280.

It appears that brides and grooms are looking for creative ways to make their wedding day a special day, right down to the wedding cake.

Chief marketing officer at Krispy Kreme UK, Judith Denby added: “Our Krispy Kreme Occasions service is a fantastic way to add some extra sparkle to weddings, corporate events and Christmas parties, enabling customer to create and share magic moments.

“We’ve been overwhelmed so far with the positive response from customers who have said that our doughnut towers have made a real difference to the success of their event.”

Source: Wedding News

Every couple wants the perfect celebration to complement their ceremony, but with so many locations to choose from it can be difficult to make a decision.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate wedding reception or a huge celebration, here are our top 5 locations to assist with making your choice.

Country house

Surrounded by beautiful gardens, host your wedding reception in a scenic country house. Within a quiet location, you can enjoy your special day with all your close friends and family undisturbed.

Many country houses offer spaces to host a wedding dinner and party, as well as a beautifully presented garden to use as a backdrop for your all your precious photos.

In the summer you could be permitted to set up a marquee in the garden, so you can enjoy the English sunshine surrounded by miles of countryside.


If you’re hoping to find a venue that’s perfect for the ceremony and reception, many hotels offer all-inclusive packages at negotiable prices.

What’s more, you can book accommodation at the hotel for you and your guests, so everyone can enjoy the day and night.

When it comes to prices, some hotels can be flexible and change the packages they offer to suit your needs and wedding budget. Look around your desired area to find out the range of hotels that offer all inclusive packages.


OK, at first this idea does seem a little underwhelming, however barns are a great place to get creative with your decorations and gives you plenty of room to go from reception dinner to dance floor.

Whether you want the quiet of the countryside or just want to celebrate your wedding with a stunning view, barns are ideally located away from busy public areas.

However, with this option you may have to organise the catering yourself which can become costly if purchased separately to the venue.

Local Civic Centre

Civic Centres are the central hub for a town’s entertainment, with flexible event spaces and some even come with a private bar.

Depending on what your local Civic Centre provides, it can be a cheaper solution if you’re inviting a large number of guests to celebrate your wedding.

Visit your local centre to find out about what wedding packages they offer and availability.

Garden party

If you can’t afford to hire the building, hire the garden! Many venues offer a cheaper solution to enjoy your special day; however this may be an option for summer weddings.

Hire a marquee, with a gorgeous manor house as the background to your memorable photographs.

The English weather may make this option a gamble, but the marquee can provide the perfect shelter for you and your guests. 

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