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Sharing the first dance with your partner on your wedding day is one of the most cherished moments for couples. Check out this year’s most popular first dance songs for weddings.

Adele- Make you feel my love

Considered one of the most successful female artists in the UK, Adele’s ‘Make you feel my love’ has been a popular choice of song, for the most important wedding dance.

The song expresses the love of a person, making it the perfect wedding song to date.

One Direction- Little things

One of the most talked about UK bands of 2013, One Direction released acoustic melody ‘Little Things’ with the obvious intention of making it one of the biggest love songs for a wedding.

The song points out the small things they love about their other half. Aww!

Rhianna ft. Calvin Harris- We found love

In third place, this song gives a more party vibe to the wedding dance tradition, with its infectious beat and romantic lyrics.

Rhianna- Diamonds

The pop sensation has all kinds of tracks to suit a wedding, either at the wedding reception or a song ideal for the first dance such as ‘Diamonds’.

It’s all about the coming together of two people and shining ‘bright like a diamond’, a symbolic representation of a marriage, making it the perfect song for a couple to dance to.

Christina Perri- A thousand years

Ever since this song became the soundtrack to Edward and Bella’s wedding in the Twilight Saga, there’s no surprises couples are choosing this track for their first dance.

The song represents the eternal love between two people, so it’s no wonder it is such a popular choice for the special moment.

Firefighters, desperate to attend a fellow colleague’s wedding reception, kept their fire engine outside the venue so they could still be on call.

The 13 firefighters, who recently celebrated the 25th birthday of the new fire station in Kirton, made sure they were still on duty, as well as in attendance to their team mate Martin Taylor’s wedding celebrations.

Eddie Affection, a watch manager at Kirton Fire Station told the Spalding Guardian: “One of my lads, Martin Taylor, got married a fortnight ago and he had his wedding reception at The Poachers at Swineshead and we took the fire engine with us so we could maintain cover and all of us go to the wedding.”

Weddings are classed as one of the most memorable highlights of your life, but some people wanted to make theirs even more unforgettable by attempting world records. We’ve gathered 5 of our favourite world record breaking weddings.

The largest number of bridesmaids      

In Bangkok, Thailand, a businesswoman broke the world record for having the most bridesmaids on her wedding day.

Keyoon Chokelamlert had 95 bridesmaids present on the big day, officially the biggest number ever.

Oldest bride and groom

A couple from California currently hold the world record being the oldest bride and groom to tie the knot.

After eighteen years as a couple, 95-year old Lillian Hartley and 98-year-old Allan Marks, married. The couple were both widowed from previous marriages.

The pair has called themselves “the Romeo and Juliet of senior citizens”.

The highest altitude weddings

Fiji airways assisted with five weddings, 41,000 feet above sea level, the highest altitude vows have ever been exchanged at.

As part of a Fiji Airways brand launch, the airline searched for five couples to share their special moment in the air. Around 400 New Zealand couples applied to be involved, with the winning couples receiving a free flight and a honeymoon in Fiji.

Most expensive display wedding cake

In Texas, businesses Delicious Cakes, Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange and Quest drape teamed up to make a 9-tier wedding cake, complete with silver dust icing and 1,200 carats worth of diamonds.

The cake cost a staggering £810,000 to make.

To transport the cake to the wedding, armed guards and an armoured vehicle were present to make sure the expensive cake was delivered safely.

Sadly, the cake wasn’t edible.

Longest wedding dress

In China, one bride smashed the world record for the longest wedding dress. Ling Rong wore a 2,162 metres wedding dress, and took three hours to lay out the train.

The 200 wedding guests assisted with unrolling the train, as well as pinning 9,999 silk red roses on it.

The plan was arranged by the groom, Zhao Peng, who also had 608 crystals stitched onto the dress, to represent the number of days they have been together, including the time they first met.


Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced possible plans for couples to receive tax breaks worth up to £200 after marriage.

If plans are to go ahead, four million couples could benefit from a £1,000 transferable tax allowance from 2015.

Those who could be eligible for this are couples who are both basic rate tax payers, with one person earning less than the personal allowance.

The tax break will also include around 15,000 couples, married under civil partnership.

Talking to the Daily Mail, David Cameron said: “I believe in marriage. Alongside the birth of my children, my wedding was the happiest day of my life.”

The Prime Minister tweeted shortly after the article was published: “The £1,000 marriage tax allowance will apply to straight and gay couples, as well as civil partners. Love is love, commitment is commitment.

The Archibishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, also praised the idea saying: “We welcome all support for married life and we’re pleased that this initiative includes both married couples and those in civil partnerships.”

David Cameron promised tax breaks to married couples in 2005, during the bid for leadership and was also part of the Conservative’s election manifesto in 2010.

Source: BBC News

Everyone wants that special something at their wedding and reception that sets their day apart from the rest. So how about a photobooth?

Photobooths are now becoming a growing trend at weddings and receptions, a modern way for guests and couples to snap memories of their special occasion.

The instant photobooths are becoming a popular accessory at weddings, where guests can snap pictures of themselves as a souvenir from the day.

The once formal identification picture facility is seeing a fun twist, with some booths offering funky background options.

Wales Online spoke to a couple who used a booth at their wedding. Claire Thomas and Chris Jones thought it was a great idea to capture their precious moments of the day.

Chris told Wales Online: “The photobooth pictures have made our memories of our day even more special.

It’s certainly an alternative way to get great pictures. It’s a real novelty and so much fun.”

However, despite the extra fun they’ll bring to a wedding, photobooth hire can come at a cost, depending on the package you’re after.

To hire out a photobooth for a few hours, prices can vary, depending on company, but you will be looking into the hundreds of pounds for the privilege.

The positives of this new trend include alternative fun at receptions, a modern way for guests to show their appreciation than the traditional guest book and a DIY fun way to capture your memories.

Across the UK, more businesses are offering this quirky service for any special occasion, tailoring packages to suit your budget and reception theme.

Traditionally, engagement rings possess a diamond, attached to a band made out of silver, platinum or gold. Today, some couples are taking their rings to the next creative level. Here is five of some of the most creative engagement rings to date.

R2-D2 inspired engagement ring

A tattoo artist from New Jersey, USA, proposed to his girlfriend with an R2-D2 inspired engagement ring, complete with diamond. The groom created the ring with Paul Bieker of Paul Michael Design and proposed to his girlfriend on Halloween.

DNA coding

Another geeky inspired engagement ring features gold banding made to look like pieces of DNA. The ring, again, keeps to the tradition of having a diamond and is made up of three rings rather than the usual one.

Him and Her

Although it’s traditional for just the woman to have an engagement ring, some men prefer to wear one too. Some couples opt for the traditional band with a diamond, while the man’s ring features a similar design but without the rock. This is fast becoming a trend which symbolises the couple’s love for eachother.

Superhero inspired

Since The Avengers came out in cinemas, superhero inspired rings are becoming a fashionable accessory. Comic fans can now purchase engagement rings to symbolise their favourite superhero such as Batman or Spiderman.

USB engagement rings

Crystal specialists Swarovski, created a USB flash drive crystal engagement ring. Both the man and the woman can wear this creative ring which (really!) can store data. To conceal the USB drive, a genuine crystal is placed on top of it, almost making it look like a traditional engagement ring.




Across the internet, many couple’s proposals have gone viral with thousands of views, however, one marriage proposal ended in disaster.

A man attempts to propose to his girlfriend in a busy shopping centre in Dubai only to be rejected by his other half resulting in being knocked down by a ukulele.

During, what seems to be a genuine ploy to ask for her hand in marriage, the man puts on his charm saying: “You are my charm, you are my sweety [sic] pie, you are my cutie pie, my absolute everything, and I know you find this cheesy but I want everyone to know, you make me really happy.”

The video accumulated around 100,000 views after being released onto the worldwide web but, despite the sympathetic reactions, turned out to be a publicity stunt by chocolate giant Cadbury.

The campaign, Not So Sweet for Bournville, has now encouraged Twitter users to tweet a situation that is considered sweet and then the company turns it into a short video.

During the clip, it becomes apparent the proposal is staged as Cadbury’s advertising comes into play when a toy shopping mall train drives past with the Cadbury Bourneville logo branded on it.

Although genuine marriage proposal rejections are unpleasant for the persons involved, ‘popping the question’ fails have become video internet sensations, with some videos being viewed in the millions within hours of being uploaded.

With global internet attention, many viewers have branded the video as a “smart move” by Cadbury.

Planning for your wedding should be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s lives. Whether you are looking to stick to the rules of tradition or want to get creative, here is a list of the top 10 must-haves at a wedding.

Wedding rings

Wedding rings have been traditionally known to be a symbol of everlasting love. Usually the rings are made out of white or yellow gold. However, the tradition has been extended to other precious metals such as platinum.


Flowers at weddings are one of the biggest traditions in matrimonial history. It is believed the ‘flower girl’ sprinkling petals in the bride’s path at weddings is to assure a long and happy life for the couple.

The wedding cake

Couples can get creative with their wedding cake depending on the wedding budget. In some cases, the cake can be a few tiers tall with one or two edible pieces.

A white wedding

The tradition of a white wedding originated in Britain during the Victorian era after Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in a white wedding gown. Although alternative colours are being explored by brides today, the tradition is still favourable.

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New research has found that around a quarter of brides in the 18-24 age bracket would refuse the traditional white wedding dress, in favour of something more personal.

The survey, carried out by post-it note company 3M, showed 10% in the 18-24 range would go for a red dress, whilst 5% would choose pink and 4% prefer blue.

The white wedding dress remains popular with those aged between 35 and 44, with 85% preferring the traditional colour.

Interestingly, it was found that women claim to be most influenced by their mothers when it comes to colour choices, whilst men are more likely to be swayed by the colour of their favourite sports team.

Karen Haller, a colour and branding specialist who worked on the survey with 3M Post-it, said: “It’s interesting that mums have had a great impact on their daughters. We all know what colour tones we are drawn to and those we aren’t, it’s just a matter of trusting our intuition.

“Men will often choose their team’s colour as it gives them a sense of belonging. As human beings we have an innate need to belong to a tribe. In essence, they are creating an emotional connection through colour.”

The survey aimed to investigate how people associate colours with emotions, with red symbolising love, yellow linked to happiness and blue provoking thoughts of sadness, Mondays and feeling cold. The latter, oddly enough, was found to be the nation’s favourite.

Image: ShopWeddingDress

A Staffordshire confectioner has designed and completed an incredible 6ft cake in the style of her wedding dress, and has her 6-year-old daughter to thank for the idea.

Donna Millington-Day’s little girl, Hannah, saw a picture of her mother’s wedding dress, and suggested baking an edible replica. The grand concept quickly became a reality, and Donna created the dream cake using a whopping 224 free-range eggs, 28lb of flour, 28lb of caster sugar and 28lb of butter.

The Daily Mail reports that her inspiring feat took no less than a week, and the final result consists of 17 tiers of sponge cake. Hundreds of sugar pearls feature, with 2lb of royal icing and a staggering 49lb of sugar paste icing.

The cake is filled with 17lb of Madagascan vanilla butter cream and roughly 7lb of raspberry jam, and it is worth £6,000.

It should feed around 2,000 lucky guests, although this certainly won’t happen as Donna wants her masterpiece on display. It was proudly unveiled to impressed onlookers at the National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Mrs Millington-Day said: “Hannah was going through my old wedding photos when she suggested we recreate my dress. I thought it was a great idea.

“Although it’s not an exact replica I have taken the details like the corset and styling on the side. We’re not going to sell the cake, but to buy it would cost around £6,000. After the show we’re going to display it in our shop window.”

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