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New research has found that around a quarter of brides in the 18-24 age bracket would refuse the traditional white wedding dress, in favour of something more personal.

The survey, carried out by post-it note company 3M, showed 10% in the 18-24 range would go for a red dress, whilst 5% would choose pink and 4% prefer blue.

The white wedding dress remains popular with those aged between 35 and 44, with 85% preferring the traditional colour.

Interestingly, it was found that women claim to be most influenced by their mothers when it comes to colour choices, whilst men are more likely to be swayed by the colour of their favourite sports team.

Karen Haller, a colour and branding specialist who worked on the survey with 3M Post-it, said: “It’s interesting that mums have had a great impact on their daughters. We all know what colour tones we are drawn to and those we aren’t, it’s just a matter of trusting our intuition.

“Men will often choose their team’s colour as it gives them a sense of belonging. As human beings we have an innate need to belong to a tribe. In essence, they are creating an emotional connection through colour.”

The survey aimed to investigate how people associate colours with emotions, with red symbolising love, yellow linked to happiness and blue provoking thoughts of sadness, Mondays and feeling cold. The latter, oddly enough, was found to be the nation’s favourite.

Image: ShopWeddingDress

A Staffordshire confectioner has designed and completed an incredible 6ft cake in the style of her wedding dress, and has her 6-year-old daughter to thank for the idea.

Donna Millington-Day’s little girl, Hannah, saw a picture of her mother’s wedding dress, and suggested baking an edible replica. The grand concept quickly became a reality, and Donna created the dream cake using a whopping 224 free-range eggs, 28lb of flour, 28lb of caster sugar and 28lb of butter.

The Daily Mail reports that her inspiring feat took no less than a week, and the final result consists of 17 tiers of sponge cake. Hundreds of sugar pearls feature, with 2lb of royal icing and a staggering 49lb of sugar paste icing.

The cake is filled with 17lb of Madagascan vanilla butter cream and roughly 7lb of raspberry jam, and it is worth £6,000.

It should feed around 2,000 lucky guests, although this certainly won’t happen as Donna wants her masterpiece on display. It was proudly unveiled to impressed onlookers at the National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Mrs Millington-Day said: “Hannah was going through my old wedding photos when she suggested we recreate my dress. I thought it was a great idea.

“Although it’s not an exact replica I have taken the details like the corset and styling on the side. We’re not going to sell the cake, but to buy it would cost around £6,000. After the show we’re going to display it in our shop window.”

Whether or not you are superstitious, it’s hard to resist submitting to a few good luck charms on your big day.  There are plenty of things to try, as well as some good luck signs to look out for, and GetWed has put together a list of the most popular and quirky suggestions.

Swipe a sugar cube

This Greek tradition requires the bride to sneak a sugar cube into one of her gloves, assuming gloves are part of her outfit, and it’s supposed to sweeten the union!

Spider surprise

If you find a money spider, or several, hiding in your dress, as bizarre as that may sound, it is considered very lucky.  It might also mean you need to clean the dress, but try to focus on the positives.

Carried away

After all the manic fun of your wedding day, don’t forget that the groom MUST carry the bride across the threshold.  It might as well be a legal requirement.

Weekday weddings

Some actually believe that Saturday, whilst tempting and popular, is actually an unlucky day for your wedding.  Go for a weekday and you avoid the rumoured risk of the weekend, plus everything is usually cheaper if you book during the week.

Have a horseshoe

Horseshoes have long been considered a symbol of luck, and getting one in on your wedding day might be wise.  This doesn’t mean ride in on a horse, as it’s a budgetary nightmare, but an icing horseshoe on your cake isn’t a bad idea.

Nice day for a wet wedding

Some people fear the wet weather on their wedding day, but a drastic downpour is actually supposed to be a sign of good luck.

Lucky numbers

If you have any superstitions about numbers, and have any that you think bring you luck, then incorporate them into your wedding day.  It could be the number of bridesmaids, or the number of tables at the reception, or the maximum number of drinks the in-laws are allowed.

There is something about a winter wedding that brings a touch of the fairy tale to celebrations. We think it’s a great season to choose for your big day, so we have put together the top 5 reasons that might convince you to think the same.

5. Early evenings
One of the best things about winter is that the evenings start early! This means there is more celebration time, and plenty of room for candles, fairy lights or even some fireworks. Summer may be brighter, but in winter you can make create your own light, and build that soft, romantic and inviting mood for the evening’s festivities.

4. Picturesque perfect
The beauty of winter lies in its ability to paint a stunning picture. Your wedding could take place amidst a snow-kissed scene, and that would make it all the more memorable. Even without snow, winter has a way of bringing out the beauty in surroundings – getting married, surrounded by friends and family, perhaps with a roaring fire burning, contrasting with a crisp, wintery setting outside, sounds like the kind of cosy, romantic celebration everyone would enjoy.

3. Cut the cost
A more practical reason for choosing winter lies in the cost, as you’ll find off-season rates are pretty favourable. There is always good availability, and many venues will offer other incentives to choose them for your winter wedding wonderland. Everyone’s budgets differ, but getting a fair price and good value is always important.

2. Desirable dates
Choosing winter means you could pick from Christmas, New Year and even Valentine’s Day for your wedding. All three are such famous times of year, so why not add your own personal, romantic connection to one of the dates, and each year you’ll have even more reason to celebrate.

1. The honeymoon!
Don’t forget that in the southern hemisphere it’s honeymoon season, and there are some incredible destinations to celebrate your wedding – just the two of you. You could take a ski trip, or enjoy the winter sun, and at this time of year there is some spectacular scenery on display, at the most breathtaking and romantic spots in the world.

A couple in Kempston have taken the unusual step on providing a pizza feast, instead of the more conventional buffet, at their wedding reception in Bedford. Kendra and Mark Giles had more than sixty guests present at their celebrations in the Barns Hotel, and asked Domino’s in Kempston to cater by delivering a mass of pizzas. There was even a special, tailor-made delivery for bride and groom.

The new Mrs. Giles commented: “We thought it would make a nice change from the usual sandwiches and sausage rolls as everyone loves pizza.

“The local store was fantastic – they delivered a huge selection of hot pizzas and side orders to us – the boxes just kept on coming, so much so we were running out of room to put them! They made us a personal pizza with our names on and brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers – we had an absolutely wonderful day and Domino’s helped to make it even more special.”

Representative for Kempston Domino’s, Majid Naeem, said:

“We were delighted to cater for this wedding and wanted to make this couple’s day as memorable as we could. I am so glad that everyone enjoyed the pizzas – from what I hear they went down incredibly well and by the end of the night there wasn’t a single slice left.”

Wedding favours are a great tradition, and a nice way to say thanks for the toaster, but if you’re going to do them then a little imagination is essential. Getwed has chosen the five worst wedding favours, to be avoided at all costs!

5. Sugar-coated almonds

Sugared almonds, or dragée (if you fancied learning something new today), are wrong. Whilst these things are usually down to personal taste, in this case it is simply a fact. Yet they persist to exist as a stereotypical wedding favour; don’t punish your guests, they have done nothing wrong. If you want to go down the confectionary route, which is perfectly acceptable, choose something that doesn’t initiate the gag reflex, like chocolate truffles or cakes. Yum.

4. Personalised gifts

Would you really want to drink from a mug with two eternally unflinching smiles staring back at you? Getting stuff with your friends’ faces and/or names on is not a present, and whilst it may be your special day, and your guests recognise that, they don’t want the date written in swirly font on a pocket mirror. Getting something reusable is a decent idea, but keep the personalisation out of it, because it is scary.

3. Potpourri

‘Pourri’ is the French word for rotten. Potpourri basically means rotten pot. This is clever because it has two meanings; one is that the fruit inside has rotted to create the natural scent, and the other is that it is horrible. Sachets of potpourri lack originality, and there are plenty of scented alternatives available.

2. Anything cheesy

We aren’t talking about a lump of Edam here; your guests are not going to want a collection of love poems chosen by you, or a copy of your wedding vows, . Cheesy or soppy gifts have to be avoided in favour of something more innovative with genuine appeal. There will already be plenty of gooey niceness going around, and probably alcohol, so let’s not make anyone sick too early.

1. Anything useless!

You’ve got to use your imagination… Playing cards, fake facial hair and animal miniatures are all part of the same pile labelled ‘why?’ If these are the kinds of wedding favours you have in mind then skip it and put some money behind the bar.

Marriage RingsWith the natural progression of most budding relationships resulting in marriage, and despite the dreaded ‘M’ word often striking fear into the heart of men, it is estimated that over a quarter of a million couples will seal the deal in 2012 alone.

But with so much coverage in the press about each failed marriage and quick divorces, many couples will find it hard to avoid the growing pessimism surrounding the longevity of marriage.

You only have to look at the recent antics of Katy Perry and Russell Brand who lasted just 14 months or even the pathetic matrimony of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries who managed a meagre 72 days before filing for divorce.

National statistics show that divorce figures have steadily risen since the 1970s and coupled with falling marriage figures you cannot help but feel that the forecast looks bleak. Despite all this doom and gloom we have found a jewel in the dirt, proving that marriage can bring people true happiness.

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Here at Marriage Gift List we can’t resist a good… erm… list.  So, in that spirit, we have decided to announce our Top 5 Wedding Movies.  We resisted some of the fluffy, but pretty freaking awful, efforts of recent times such as License to Wed, Runaway Bride and Made of Honour.  If you liked those movies then shame on you.

Moving on, here are our favourite wedding movies, with a carefully-crafted overview attached.

Wedding Crashers

This surprise box office smash-hit saw Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play a pair of sneaky bachelors who frequent random weddings in search of free food, free booze and one-night stands.  Vaughn’s character finds himself attached to Isla Fisher’s possessive nymphomaniac, whilst Wilson fights for the affections of Rachel McAdams.

Lunacy ensues, of course, and the introduction of Christopher Walken is always a bonus.  It’s funny, romantic, stupid and satisfying; everything you want from the best wedding movies.

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The wedding season is upon us, and those internet banking mystics First Direct have once again reported back from their annual look at couples’ preferred wedding gifts, as well as the kinds of presents that their guests prefer to buy.

The survey studied 2,015 people overall, and, as with 2011, the couples’ most popular choice is cash.  31% said they would prefer to receive money, or vouchers, whilst the closest alternative was a gift of the guest’s choosing, getting 20% of votes.

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The wedding ring hidden inside some tiramisu was always a health hazard, whilst getting the stadium announcer at a football match to pop the question is at once lazy and misguided.  Then there is the romantic getaway, and whilst points are scored for setting and expenditure, there is a little lacking in the innovation department.

A guy from Portland, Oregan in the US has managed to land himself the unofficial award for most inventive marriage proposal, along with an online viral hit, and, of course, the small matter of a fiancée.

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