Perfect wedding dresses on your local high street

Posted on by Naomi

Having the wedding of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire life savings to have a great day, especially when it comes to your dress. We’ve discovered a whole host of fabulous wedding dresses, which can be found in some of the UK’s favourite high street shops.

A wedding dress can be one of the most expensive items on the bridal checklist, but thankfully you can now find your dream dress at a price that won’t insult your bank account.

You’ll be surprised what you can find on the high street, with Monsoon, BHS and Coast all offering gorgeous wedding dresses.

Monsoon has a lovely selection of wedding dresses online and in store, as well as fantastic bridesmaid outfits. Spend a day with your closest friends and have some fun choosing the perfect combination of colours, without the scary price tag.

However, if the idea of picking your dress from the high street makes you tremble with fear, try going into local bridal boutiques for discounted offers.

Many boutiques keep unwanted dresses on sale in case it happens to be another bride’s dream dress. If they have a small flaw, you may find they have big discounts.

Furthermore, local charity shops are full of wedding dresses that can be adjusted to your size and accessorised to make it unique to your style.

If you’re unsure on what kind of design you want, browse high street collections online so you can get idea on what your ideal dress would be and discover the massive savings for yourself!


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