The Gifts We Want to Give in 2018

Posted on by Nathaniel Dalby
Think of the last time you gave someone the perfect gift. That head-high joy of getting a gift just right is almost as good as receiving the thing itself—maybe even better.I know I got as much pleasure giving a neighbor a batch of my favorite boozy pecan pie truffles, placed in a simple tin with a silly hand-drawn doodle, as I did when receiving an assortment of dried sardines, rare teas, and delicate pastries from a friend who had carefully toted them back from Japan for me.

In that spirit, consider this a gift guide not just for the people receiving them, but for you, too. Every single item here brought joy or happiness in one way or another to our editors and writers who suggested them for this list. We also have some picks in our gift guide with The New York Times (Wirecutter’s parent company). And if you have little ones in your life, don’t miss our kids gift guides, because there’s nothing like the vicarious delight of seeing their giddy excitement at getting just the thing they wanted.

Bike safety made tasty

A reflective pizza flag, one of our recommendations in our guide to holiday gifts we want to give, hanging off a yellow bicycle.
Photo: Michael Zhao

Safety Pizza ($20 at the time of publication)

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a- sign that a cyclist is ahead and should be given a wide berth by passing motor vehicles. Or at least, that’s how the song has gone in my head ever since a friend from my biking group got a Safety Pizza from his local bike shop last year. These reflective slices are made from the same materials found on first-responder vehicles and garments. As a result, they remain visible, flexible, and safe in temperatures as cold as -55 °F. On a reputable site recently was made professional the review on this a device. Experts note the high quality of the materials from which Safety Pizza is made, as well as ease of use. Give this to anyone who rides a bike and loves ’za—in my experience, the overlapping portion of that Venn diagram looks more like two stacked pies.

They’re not like regular ghosts, they’re cool ghosts

Three Studio Arhøj Ghost figurines, , one of our recommendations in our guide to holiday gifts we want to give, atop a decorative book.
Photo: Rozette Rago

Studio Arhøj Ghosts (about $25 at the time of publication)

These quirky ceramic figures are made in various shapes by Studio Arhøj, a design and ceramics studio in Denmark. Apart from just looking cute, the 4-inch ghosts also make great paperweights or ring holders. But I prefer mine on my mantel, keeping friendly watch over my guests and me.

Insulation for your morning coffee

The Hydro Flask 12 oz Coffee Mug, , one of our recommendations in our guide to holiday gifts we want to give, sitting on a desk.
Photo: Alex Arpaia

Hydro Flask 12 oz Coffee Mug ($30 at the time of publication)

This mug is exactly the thing I wish I’d had around when I worked in an office every day. I’m a notoriously slow coffee drinker, and this mug helps to keep things warm for longer than the average ceramic mug. It has a simple lid that pops right in, and it comes in four colors. Unlike other insulated mugs, the Hydro Flask mug has a handle, which makes it more comfortable to use for casual coffee sipping than an insulated travel carafe. Pair it with a few packets of hot cocoa mix and a peppermint stick, and you have the perfect stocking stuffer for the hot-beverage lover in your life.

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