The Longevity of Marriage

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Marriage RingsWith the natural progression of most budding relationships resulting in marriage, and despite the dreaded ‘M’ word often striking fear into the heart of men, it is estimated that over a quarter of a million couples will seal the deal in 2012 alone.

But with so much coverage in the press about each failed marriage and quick divorces, many couples will find it hard to avoid the growing pessimism surrounding the longevity of marriage.

You only have to look at the recent antics of Katy Perry and Russell Brand who lasted just 14 months or even the pathetic matrimony of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries who managed a meagre 72 days before filing for divorce.

National statistics show that divorce figures have steadily risen since the 1970s and coupled with falling marriage figures you cannot help but feel that the forecast looks bleak. Despite all this doom and gloom we have found a jewel in the dirt, proving that marriage can bring people true happiness.

Mr and Mrs Chand, who live in Bradford, have been married for 87 years making them the longest living married couple.

Mr Chand, who is now 106 years old, said that there was no real secret to living a long married life: “Eat and drink what you want but in moderation. I have never held back from enjoying my life.”

Mrs Chand, who recently received her letter from the Queen for turning 100, said that she can look back at her marriage with pride and happiness: “We know that being married for 86 years is a blessing, but equally we will be ready to go when it’s time, it’s all up to the will of God, but we really have lived a good life.”

Another inspirational story worth noting is that of Frank and Anita Milford. Mr Milford died age 101 holding the hand of his wife who he had wed 81 years earlier.

These sweet and charming love stories act as a testimony to couples all over the world that marriage really does work and to not lose faith.

Source: The BBC

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