Top 5 most creative engagement rings

Posted on by Naomi

Traditionally, engagement rings possess a diamond, attached to a band made out of silver, platinum or gold. Today, some couples are taking their rings to the next creative level. Here is five of some of the most creative engagement rings to date.

R2-D2 inspired engagement ring

A tattoo artist from New Jersey, USA, proposed to his girlfriend with an R2-D2 inspired engagement ring, complete with diamond. The groom created the ring with Paul Bieker of Paul Michael Design and proposed to his girlfriend on Halloween.

DNA coding

Another geeky inspired engagement ring features gold banding made to look like pieces of DNA. The ring, again, keeps to the tradition of having a diamond and is made up of three rings rather than the usual one.

Him and Her

Although it’s traditional for just the woman to have an engagement ring, some men prefer to wear one too. Some couples opt for the traditional band with a diamond, while the man’s ring features a similar design but without the rock. This is fast becoming a trend which symbolises the couple’s love for eachother.

Superhero inspired

Since The Avengers came out in cinemas, superhero inspired rings are becoming a fashionable accessory. Comic fans can now purchase engagement rings to symbolise their favourite superhero such as Batman or Spiderman.

USB engagement rings

Crystal specialists Swarovski, created a USB flash drive crystal engagement ring. Both the man and the woman can wear this creative ring which (really!) can store data. To conceal the USB drive, a genuine crystal is placed on top of it, almost making it look like a traditional engagement ring.




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