Top 5 creative wedding favours

Posted on by Naomi

Wedding favours are small gifts that are placed at every guest’s seat at the reception, which can be anything you want. So here are our top 5 wedding favour ideas, to give you some inspiration.

A box of surprises

Suitable for all guests, fill small boxes with items that represent you as a couple, then seal it with ribbon and a tag with their name on it.

Suggested items: a penny for good luck, sweets, bubbles, puzzles, figurines or anything you think suits you best.

Jar of sweets

Have some fun filling up jars with your favourite sweets. Mix it up or keep to one type of sweet, perfect for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to get even more creative, decorate the jar with fabric to seal the top of it. Charms can also be attached to some string, to tie the whole thing together.

The wedding favour is very simple to make, so there’s no need to spend too much money to make your guests feel special.

Mini bottles

Mini bottles of alcohol always go down well as wedding favours. Miniature beverages can be bought in bulk, at good value prices.

To add your own personal touch, take inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and attached messages to the bottles.

For the children, soft drinks also come in miniature form, so there’s no need for them to be left out!

Chocolate bars

Everyone has a sweet tooth for something, so choose your favourite chocolate and use the wrapper to say something special.

Some printing businesses have introduced a chocolate wrapping service, ideal for helping your wedding favours look professional.

Homemade Jam

If you have impressive culinary skills, try creating your wedding favours from scratch by making homemade jam.

Each jar can have a decorated label, marking your names and the date of your special day.

Strawberry Jam Ingredients

1kg/2lb 3oz of strawberries

1kg/2lb 3oz granulated sugar or caster sugar

½ lemon (only use the juice)

A small amount of butter

(Measurements can be altered depending on how much jam your require).

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