Top 5 wedding guest complaints and how to avoid them

Posted on by Nathaniel Dalby

BBlZ5S7When experiencing your big day, it can be easy to get lost in the sheer amount of things you need to remember. A wedding day is a balancing act between enjoying the day to its full and keeping your guests happy. With so many people mixing together, it can be tough to take everyone’s wants and needs into account. Guests can be notoriously difficult to please, but there are ways you can plan your wedding to keep the maximum amount of people happy throughout the day, no matter what the situation is. Here’s some of the most common guest complaints and how you can deal with them.

Inconvenient date

Before sending out those important Save the Date cards, make sure you have a consensus as to when the most convenient date for your guests is. Obviously it’s your wedding and you should be able to have it whenever you want, but at the same time, you also don’t want a wedding with some of the most important guests missing. If you’re planning a wedding during a potentially busy time of year, such as Christmas, it’s best to check in advance if this is suitable for the majority of your guests. This way, you’ll avoid disappointments or complaining during the big day.

Consider the climate

One of the biggest factors in how comfortable your guests are is the weather. If your guests are too hot or too cold, it won’t take long for them to complain. Plan your wedding around what time of the year it is. The weather is always unpredictable, but an autumn or winter wedding will probably require an indoor venue. However, it’s important to remember than a warm climate can be just as uncomfortable as a wet or windy one, so consider using air conditioners during a summer wedding.

Dietary requirements

One thing that can ruin a wedding for your guests is being unable to eat the food that’s available. When thinking about what food you wish to serve, inquire with your confirmed guests to see if there’s any specific dietary requirements that you need to work out. The last thing you want on the big day is a vegetarian who can’t eat anything on offer or people having to avoid food due to allergies. As well as this, it’s good to get a general consensus about what your guests like to eat. If you know that the majority of your guests aren’t fans of seafood, for example, then you’ll have an idea as to what to serve.

Dragging formalities

A wedding is a full on day of fun, excitement and emotion. After the ceremony, many guests will be waiting to get stuck into the celebrating. Whilst it’s of course traditional for the best man and others to make a speech, what you don’t want to happen is guests getting bored waiting for speech after speech. When collaborating with those who are speaking at the reception, perhaps consider giving them a rough time-frame for their remarks, to avoid guests struggling through a half-hour speech. Short and sweet is often best for your reception, especially if there’s youngsters in attendance.

Disappearing duo

What can sometimes happen with weddings is guests seeing the bride and groom walk down the aisle but then never again for the rest of the day. During your reception, take some time to greet and talk with all of your guests, so they can personally congratulate you and take some time to catch up. They’re there for you, after all, and some will have travelled far to get there, so make sure you make them feel like their attendance is appreciated. A way you can make this fun is by having the photographer snap each greeting as you go round, giving you another fun memory for your wedding album.

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