Top 5 Wedding Movies

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Here at Marriage Gift List we can’t resist a good… erm… list.  So, in that spirit, we have decided to announce our Top 5 Wedding Movies.  We resisted some of the fluffy, but pretty freaking awful, efforts of recent times such as License to Wed, Runaway Bride and Made of Honour.  If you liked those movies then shame on you.

Moving on, here are our favourite wedding movies, with a carefully-crafted overview attached.

Wedding Crashers

This surprise box office smash-hit saw Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play a pair of sneaky bachelors who frequent random weddings in search of free food, free booze and one-night stands.  Vaughn’s character finds himself attached to Isla Fisher’s possessive nymphomaniac, whilst Wilson fights for the affections of Rachel McAdams.

Lunacy ensues, of course, and the introduction of Christopher Walken is always a bonus.  It’s funny, romantic, stupid and satisfying; everything you want from the best wedding movies.

The Wedding Singer

Set against the unsettling backdrop of 80s massive hair, this classic comedy sees Adam Sandler’s wedding singer dumped on his own wedding day due to a lack of ambition, which renders him an emotional wreck.  He befriends Drew Barrymore and, understandably, decides he has smoochy feelings for her.

Sadly, she is supposed to marry a nasty sack of spuds who is blatantly wrong for her, which leads to a lot of amusing, yet heart-wrenching, yo-yo business, until the inevitable happy, gooey ending. Awww.



Father of the Bride

Not many people know that 90s smash-hit Father of the Bride is actually a remake, and it’s definitely an improvement on the original.  Steve Martin brings his impeccable comic timing to a charming story about a man realising his daughter is no longer just his little girl.

The story mainly focuses on some embarrassing moments for Martin’s character, but the tender moments between him and his daughter, played by Kimberley Williams, make for truly heart-warming cinema.


Four Weddings and a Funeral

This British romantic-comedy is probably the only film capable of gazumping From Dusk Till Dawn for the Most Opening Sequence Profanity award.  The colourful dialogue introducing the film sets the frank, comedic and very, very British tone of the movie, as we see Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant eventually get together over the course of, you guessed it, four weddings and a funeral.

You can tell this was written by the same guy who did Notting Hill, but nonetheless it has a great story, with plenty of laughs to offset the drama, and the funeral is heart-wrenching.


Bridesmaids really stands out among other wedding movies; this sweet and hilarious comedy was a massive hit both sides of the pond, and was viewed by many as the girls’ answer to The Hangover.  With genuinely well-written characters, sparkling dialogue and a brilliant lead performance from Kristen Wiig, this has to be the best wedding film ever.

Wiig’s character has to share wedding planner duties with the far-too-perfect Rose Byrne, whilst also coping with the lack of fulfilment presented by her no-strings relationship with moron Jon Hamm.  The chaos surrounding the wedding plans, along with her confused attempts to find (and resist) love, make for an enjoyable, charming and hugely satisfying tale of silliness with a warm heart.

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