Top 5 wedding songs of 2013

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Sharing the first dance with your partner on your wedding day is one of the most cherished moments for couples. Check out this year’s most popular first dance songs for weddings.

Adele- Make you feel my love

Considered one of the most successful female artists in the UK, Adele’s ‘Make you feel my love’ has been a popular choice of song, for the most important wedding dance.

The song expresses the love of a person, making it the perfect wedding song to date.

One Direction- Little things

One of the most talked about UK bands of 2013, One Direction released acoustic melody ‘Little Things’ with the obvious intention of making it one of the biggest love songs for a wedding.

The song points out the small things they love about their other half. Aww!

Rhianna ft. Calvin Harris- We found love

In third place, this song gives a more party vibe to the wedding dance tradition, with its infectious beat and romantic lyrics.

Rhianna- Diamonds

The pop sensation has all kinds of tracks to suit a wedding, either at the wedding reception or a song ideal for the first dance such as ‘Diamonds’.

It’s all about the coming together of two people and shining ‘bright like a diamond’, a symbolic representation of a marriage, making it the perfect song for a couple to dance to.

Christina Perri- A thousand years

Ever since this song became the soundtrack to Edward and Bella’s wedding in the Twilight Saga, there’s no surprises couples are choosing this track for their first dance.

The song represents the eternal love between two people, so it’s no wonder it is such a popular choice for the special moment.

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