Top 10 traditional must-haves at a wedding

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Planning for your wedding should be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s lives. Whether you are looking to stick to the rules of tradition or want to get creative, here is a list of the top 10 must-haves at a wedding.

Wedding rings

Wedding rings have been traditionally known to be a symbol of everlasting love. Usually the rings are made out of white or yellow gold. However, the tradition has been extended to other precious metals such as platinum.


Flowers at weddings are one of the biggest traditions in matrimonial history. It is believed the ‘flower girl’ sprinkling petals in the bride’s path at weddings is to assure a long and happy life for the couple.

The wedding cake

Couples can get creative with their wedding cake depending on the wedding budget. In some cases, the cake can be a few tiers tall with one or two edible pieces.

A white wedding

The tradition of a white wedding originated in Britain during the Victorian era after Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in a white wedding gown. Although alternative colours are being explored by brides today, the tradition is still favourable.


The wedding reception takes place shortly after the wedding ceremony. Some couples have the ceremony and reception at the same venue because of its cost-effectiveness.
Table Arrangements
At the wedding reception, each guest is assigned a seat at a table. Each table is named which sometimes relates to the theme or colour scheme of the wedding.

Wedding Favours

These are little gifts which are placed on the table at a wedding reception for each guest. These could be something fun like a jar of sweets.


Depending on the look you are going for, invitations can be as creative you like.
‘Save the date’ invitations have recently become common as a reassurance that both the bride and groom will have all the people they want attending.


Churches are still popular venues for wedding ceremonies; however, some people are opting for all-inclusive wedding packages where both the ceremony and reception are held at the same location.


Speeches are planned prior to the wedding and spoken during the reception. They normally reflect on the couple’s relationship with a few jokes to entertain (be careful on the jokes!)

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