Vintage wedding dresses are the new thing

Posted on by Naomi

Vintage Wedding DressAccording to a bridal boutique, many brides are now opting for wedding dresses that have a vintage twist.

Pearl Bridal Limited, which stocks various styles of wedding and occasion dresses, has launched a new range of designs to meet the popular demand.

The ‘By Olivia’ range, designed by Olivia Lin for Pearl Bridal Limited, said: “Vintage styled wedding gowns can be both stunning and sensual, conveying the romance of days gone by and the sleek look of modern design.”

The collaboration includes designs to suit modern and romantic brides, while offering a unique twist.

High quality material was used to create the pieces, which are priced within budget of many brides-to-be.

‘By Olivia’ is described by the designer as “a fairy-tale confection of silk.

Olivia Lin added: “When I slipped into my dress, I immediately felt exactly like the princess of my childhood dreams; yet, at the same time, the modern simplicity of the gown made me feel chic and sophisticated.”


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