Wedding Favours – What to avoid!

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Wedding favours are a great tradition, and a nice way to say thanks for the toaster, but if you’re going to do them then a little imagination is essential. Getwed has chosen the five worst wedding favours, to be avoided at all costs!

5. Sugar-coated almonds

Sugared almonds, or dragée (if you fancied learning something new today), are wrong. Whilst these things are usually down to personal taste, in this case it is simply a fact. Yet they persist to exist as a stereotypical wedding favour; don’t punish your guests, they have done nothing wrong. If you want to go down the confectionary route, which is perfectly acceptable, choose something that doesn’t initiate the gag reflex, like chocolate truffles or cakes. Yum.

4. Personalised gifts

Would you really want to drink from a mug with two eternally unflinching smiles staring back at you? Getting stuff with your friends’ faces and/or names on is not a present, and whilst it may be your special day, and your guests recognise that, they don’t want the date written in swirly font on a pocket mirror. Getting something reusable is a decent idea, but keep the personalisation out of it, because it is scary.

3. Potpourri

‘Pourri’ is the French word for rotten. Potpourri basically means rotten pot. This is clever because it has two meanings; one is that the fruit inside has rotted to create the natural scent, and the other is that it is horrible. Sachets of potpourri lack originality, and there are plenty of scented alternatives available.

2. Anything cheesy

We aren’t talking about a lump of Edam here; your guests are not going to want a collection of love poems chosen by you, or a copy of your wedding vows, . Cheesy or soppy gifts have to be avoided in favour of something more innovative with genuine appeal. There will already be plenty of gooey niceness going around, and probably alcohol, so let’s not make anyone sick too early.

1. Anything useless!

You’ve got to use your imagination… Playing cards, fake facial hair and animal miniatures are all part of the same pile labelled ‘why?’ If these are the kinds of wedding favours you have in mind then skip it and put some money behind the bar.

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