2021 wedding season is fast approachong and with many couples having planned or reorganised their weddings it is the perfect time to think about your day and to make your dream visualisation become a reality. The top wedding planners and designers have spoken about what the trends are for 2021 and there are some fantastic ideas which will add a sense of fun to your day and a more relaxed feel. Could you include any of these trends into your special day? 

1. Twinkly lights and tents 

Using twinkly lights and tents is a great way to create a magical and natural feel to your day. The perfect way to enjoy an outdoors wedding can include using a tent to host your wedding breakfast and evening celebrations. There are many styles of tents to choose from, which include the traditional gazebo style tents to the bohemian tepee. Add drapes to the tent to create a fairy-tale like environment. Adding twinkly lights will add a cosy feel and provide warm lighting to any venue. 

2. Mismatched décor and tables

Wedding planners have spoken about the latest wedding craze being mismatched tables and decorations. You can include a mismatched design within your day by using different sized and shaped tables, that not only suit the smaller groups allowed at weddings at the moment but also photograph really well. 

3. Mini canapés

2021 appears to be the year of mini sized food. From smaller wedding cakes to smaller canapés, the design and the flavour is considered the most important part. You can base the theme of your food around the style of your wedding or match it to your favourite tastes as a couple. Maybe you both love Mexican food so you could opt for a feast on mini tacos, nachos and fajitas. You could also opt for an American theme and feast on mini burgers, popcorn chicken or donuts. The smaller portions allow you to present your food in an exciting and innovative way to wow your guests. 

During the wedding breakfast again think miniature. You could serve grazing boards, picnic baskets or afternoon teas, which could all feature miniature food items. 

4. Mini speeches

To follow on from the trend of mini food options, mini speeches are rising in popularity. With smaller, intimate ceremonies and celebrations, shorter speeches with a bigger impact are the latest trend. With a smaller guest list, it is likely that the guests who you choose to celebrate your special day with will have a very close and special link to you as a couple. Many couples are choosing to do shorter speeches where they mention a word of thanks to their guests and loved ones. The smaller wedding breakfast is now seen as more of a dinner party style atmosphere and provides an opportunity for all of the guests to share a special memory or thought about the special couple. 

5. Cosy living room style décor

We know that smaller more intimate ceremonies are going to be around for a while so creating a cosy living room style décor is the latest trend in venue design. Using sofas, throws and cushions to create comfortable and welcoming seating areas. Use candles and soft lighting to create a warm and magical atmosphere. Include flowers and greenery to the area to add texture and colour to the area and tie your venue theme and design together. 

6. Mini wedding cakes and single tier

Smaller weddings are now a common occurrence in 2020 and are possible within 2021 as well. This is an opportunity to have a smaller ‘mini’ wedding cake or a cake with just one tier. Married couples to be are also choosing to have a smaller cake to have that one small ‘wow’ impact cake. Whether it is vibrant colours, bold flowers or decorations or intricate details, small cakes can have just as much of an impact than a large wedding cake. 

7. Weekday weddings

Weekend weddings have been the norm for years, however many couples are now opting for a weekday wedding. This can be beneficial for many reasons, in particular the can often be a great money saving option with weekday weddings being much cheaper than weekend celebrations. It can also allow you to continue the celebrations on for a few days, even into the weekend. Why not continue to celebrate your special day and continue the party and events?

8. Brunch wedding breakfast

With outside weddings becoming more popular, many couples are opting to have a brunch wedding breakfast to make the most of the wonderful morning light and the opportunity to carry on the celebrations throughout the day. You may choose to have a smaller gathering for your brunch wedding breakfast and then invite more guests to the afternoon and evening celebrations. This is a good way to have a more intimate celebration and to make the most of every part of the day. 

9. Custom cocktails 

Adding a personal touch to your wedding day by designing your own custom cocktails is a fun and innovative way to do this. There are many themes to your cocktails that you could do such as, you could design a cocktail that reflects either of you, that reflects your theme or place that is special to you both. You could even design your cocktails around the season of the year or colours of your special day. Give your cocktails an innovative and fun name to add that final personal touch. 

You could also have a drinks station to allow guests to design their own cocktails by using a range of mixers and garnishes. 

10. Bold colours 

Gone are the days of pastel colours at weddings. Now the top designers are using bright, fun and happy colours within wedding day decorations and schemes. Go bold! Choose colours that reflect you as a couple or the season that you are getting married in. Include these colours in your invitations, decorations, wedding outfits, favours and you could even include these colours within the food and drink, especially the wedding cake. 

11. Add humour 

Wedding couples are facing emotional and stressful times at the moment with regulations constantly changing. Many couples are trying to find the light and the humour within the current situation. Couples are sending out new save the date or unsave the date cards which are full of funny one liners or small moments of laughter. Even including humour within the first dance with your choice of song. ‘At Last’ the classic Etta James classic song will likely be playing across wedding dance floors all year. 

12. Added surprise 

2021 wedding trends seem to be focussed on small, intimate celebrations so why not add an element of surprise to your wedding day. When you reduce the guest numbers it allows you to spend more on other areas of the day. You could include personalised wedding favours to your tables, have a special performer or entertainer make a guest appearance or even reaching out to your favourite celebrity to send a message or sing a song for you on your day through a video. You could even surprise your partner along with your guests to make your day even more memorable. With a smaller wedding you will have more time to plan those special little touches that will make your day even more magical.