Save money with a March wedding

Posted on by Naomi

According to reports, having your wedding in March could save you a few pennies, rather than booking during the traditional marital season.

Between January and March, you are likely to find your dream wedding location available and at a cheaper price.

Known as ‘off months’, it’s the typical time of the year where people are less likely to splurge out, or hold a special occasion due to unpredictable weather conditions.

However, if you’re happy with an indoors wedding (unless March sees unusually hot weather!), many venues offer their spaces at cheaper rates, because they want to make a profit all year round.

Not only will the venue save you money, caterers and musicians may also be able to offer an ‘off month’ discount.

Westchester County & Hudson Valley Wedding Guide says: “Sure, everyone dreams of being a June Bride, but a January through March bride will save a lot more money. By working with off months, many vendors (including caterers and musicians) will be a lot more flexible with their pricing.”

Booking as close to your wedding day as you can may also see the price drop significantly, however this could gamble your ideal wedding date.

Picking an unpopular month to enjoy your special day will leave extra cash for something you and your partner want, or go towards your lavish honeymoon!

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