How it Works

These simple steps show you how to create your ideal wedding gift list with us, and remember that Marriage Gift List is 100% FREE!

There are no hidden costs or charges, just a fun, original way to make your own wedding present wish list.

Setting up your gift list…

  • Once you’ve registered for free, your gift list is ready to go.

  • To get you started we only need your names, the wedding date and your gift delivery details.

  • Personalise the list with one of our themes, as well as a photo and unique introduction to welcome your guests.

  • You can nominate a guest to be List Manager, giving your guests someone to contact with queries. This way, you don’t have to worry about spoiled surprises!

Adding your gifts…

  • Pick your gifts from any online retailer – all you need to do is submit the web address for that gift. We take that bit of information and get all the details we need.

  • Add, edit and delete gifts at any time, specify quantity and include your own extra notes for guests.

  • Arrange the order of the gifts with a simple drag and drop into position, in case you want your favourite choices at the top!

Inviting your guests…

  • You choose whether to give your guests access straight away, or wait until you have created your gift list.

  • You can choose one of our printable invitation card designs - these give wedding guests a unique web address for your personalised list.

  • If a guest doesn’t have any email address or isn’t familiar with computers then no worries! All they need to log in is your surname, and the unique list ID.

Managing your gift list…

  • You can choose to open or close your list at any time – when it’s closed your guests cannot log in, but you will always have access.

  • You can also opt for an email alert when one of your gifts has been purchased.

  • You can see details of everything that has been bought, but you can also choose to keep the buyer anonymous so it’s still a surprise on the big day.

  • If guests make a mistake they can easily edit or delete their own purchases, and so can you.

  • If you fancy being really organised, then you can export purchases or gifts to a spreadsheet.

  • Our service contains a useful tool which lets you check all the links to gifts are working properly. Since each present comes from a third party website, a quick and simple web address checker makes for a handy feature.

Buying gifts…

  • Your guests have to click the ‘Buy From’ button shown with their chosen gift. This sends them over to the retailer’s own website.

  • Once it is purchased, your guests must confirm this on your list to avoid someone else buying the same thing!

  • Just so you know, we do not have any partnership or formal relationship with any of the online retailers which sell your presents - they are all third parties.

  • If you have guests who prefer to buy from high street shops, then that’s absolutely fine. All they need to do is notify the List Manager, or log in themselves to confirm the purchase.

Delivering gifts…

  • Since we have no partnership with the third party online retailers which sell the gifts, your guests need to give them a delivery address. That’s why we ask you to specify your delivery instructions when you setup your list.

  • Remember that each retailer will probably have their own delivery costs as well.

Still confused? Try the demo!

To experience a gift list as a guest, you may login to the functional demo gift list.

You can "purchase" gifts to see how the process works (the demo will reset when you logout or close your web browser).

Please note: the gifts on the demo list are REAL items on REAL websites. Any orders you place will be genuine, so don't buy anything unless you actually want it!

Demo Gift List »

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