About us

We designed a website to give couples and their wedding guests an innovative way to choose and buy wedding gifts.

How it started

"During the planning of our wedding in 2019 we tried multiple gift lists, but there wasn't one that could offer the flexibility to pick exactly what we wanted at a fair price for our guests.

After finding registries that charged guests exceptionally high prices and others that lacked the items we desired, we decided to create our own solution – Marriage Gift List."

- Cam & Laura Runcie
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Other gift list websites "force guests to pay up to twice as much for gifts than elsewhere on the internet"

Price data collected by the Daily Telegraph
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So how do we make money?

Our website allows guests to purchase gifts from your list via advertising links. We earn a small commission on sales made via our website links to specific retailers and these commission payments help us improve the website and keep it free to use.

Think of it as the retailers simply saying 'thank you' to us for passing on a sale. The referral commission does not impact either you or your guests.

Your friends and family buy your wedding gifts at the price that you find from the retailers, with no additional fees.

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