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What sets us apart?

Data collected by The Telegraph shows that other wedding gift lists are forcing guests to pay as much as double the price for products. Our service ensures your loved ones buy your gifts at the price you find from retailers, with no extra fees.

Source: The Telegraph, 2019
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Your friends and family buy your wedding gifts at the price that you find from the retailers, with no additional fees.

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New towels from The White Company, a table from Wayfair or those wine glasses you've had your eye on. The choice is yours!

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Gifts, honeymoon funds, experiences & charity donations. All in one place.

Whatever you fancy adding to your gift list, all we need is a web address.

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Be inspired by our most popular gift requests.

With so much choice it can be hard to choose! So we have created a list of popular gift requests from our couples. The choice is unlimited and we are here to help.

Ben & Sarah

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Rachel Anderson

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Jake Cooper

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We keep track of who has purchased your gifts, making it easy to know who to send your thank you cards to.


Couples love what we do

Don't just take our word for it. Trusted by 4000+ couples. Start your free gift list today!

  • Rustam & Izzy

    Rustam & Izzy

    Thank you so much for providing this service - we have recommended it to all of our friends getting married. It was so user friendly for both us and our friends/family, including the oldies!

  • Rustam & Izzy

    Edward & Bethany

    A simple, straight forward and elegant gift list site which was used by the majority of our guests and helped us send thank you notes in an efficient way.

  • Paul & Zoe

    Paul & Zoe

    Fabulous site, thank you so much. You made everything so easy for us and our guests. I will recommend your site to anyone I know who is getting married soon!

  • Danielle & Jake

    Danielle & Jake

    It was incredibly easy to use and in particular we loved the thank you manager which made it so easy for us to write our thank you cards.

  • Liam & Ryan

    Liam & Ryan

    Great service. We found it really easy to setup our gift list and sending our thank you cards after was stress-free.

  • Alex & Nicki

    Alex & Nicki

    Fantastic website, thank you! We will certainly be recommending this to our friends that are next up.

  • Ryan & Harriet

    Ryan & Harriet

    Thank you for making this part of our wedding so easy to manage. We got everything we asked for with no issues.

  • Jackson & Nykole

    Jackson & Nykole

    Marriage Gift List was the perfect solution for us! We were able to request donations towards our favorite charity.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Marriage Gift List different?

Other gift list websites focus on a set range of gifts, partnerships with retailers, and increasing the prices of products to make a profit (effectively charging the guests more).

At Marriage Gift List you are getting exactly what you ask for at the price that you find from the retailers, with no additional fees. You have an unlimited choice and it's free to use!

Marriage Gift List sounds great! But how does it work?

You can start building your very own gift list straight away. When you find an item you would like, simply copy the web address (URL) and paste it into our clever gift grabber so it can be added to your list. You are able to do this with as many items as you like.

Once you have made your dream gift list you can start sharing with your guests.

Guests can then go straight to your list and browse the items you have added. If someone decides to purchase an item, they will be directed to the retailer where they can complete the purchase.

Finally, your guests will return to Marriage Gift List to confirm their purchase. The purchased gift is then removed from the list, to ensure that you don't receive any duplicates.

Can I add a honeymoon fund?

Yes! However we do not handle the money ourselves. The most popular way of adding a fund is with PayPal. You can create your own link, then simply copy and paste your link into Marriage Gift List like any other gift and start collecting.

Can multiple guests contribute towards a gift?

Unfortunately that is not possible, as guests will purchase direct from the retailers website, not through us.

You can always suggest to your guests to arrange this between themselves if you have a particularly expensive gift on your list, but it is not something we can assist with.

How does Marriage Gift List work for guests?

When a guest selects a gift they would like to purchase from your list, they will be taken to the retailers website. They can then add the gift to their basket and head to the checkout on the retailers website. Once purchased the guest must go back to your list to mark the purchase as complete, this is made very clear to your guests. A confirmation box will appear for the guest and the gift will be removed from your list when marked as purchased.

Where do I see the gifts that have been purchased?

You can click on "View list" in your member area and you can see what gifts have been marked as purchased.

If you would like to see who has marked the gift as purchased from your list, you can head over to the "Thank you manager" and click on each guest to view the gift they have chosen for you.

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