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A large White Company Candle lit and resting on a wooden table

White Company Winter Large Candle

White grey and yellow Geometric Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set on a oak kingsize bed.

Geometric Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set Dunelm logo

A large teal coloured Le Creuset Round Casserole Dish

Le Creuset Round Casserole Dish Black and white Le Creuset logo

A small white Pandora Tabletop Mirror with a gold frame on a beige background

Pandora Tabletop Vanity Mirror Black and white Anthropologie logo

Silver De'Longhi Espresso Machine with a Espresso filled alongside the machine

De'Longhi Espresso Machine Dark blue Lakeland logo


Create your wedding list in under 5 minutes

Your friends and family buy your wedding gifts at the price that you find from the retailers, with no additional fees.

Gifts, funds, experiences & charity donations. All in one place.

Whatever you fancy adding to your gift list, all we need is a web address.

Copy. Paste. Done.

Be inspired by our most popular gift requests.

With so much choice it can be hard to decide! So we've created a list of popular bridal registry gift requests from our couples. The choice is unlimited and we are here to help.

Metal Lantern

Metal LanternDunelmDunelm logo

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A nest of 3 Alydar Tables, oak tops and black metal legs from Wayfair.

Alydar 3 Piece Nest of Tables WayfairPurple Wayfair logo

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Baby blue Smeg Cordless Electric Kettle in a retro 50's style. Silver handle and large Smeg logo.

Smeg Cordless Electric Kettle - Retro 50's AmazonAmazon logo

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Black and silver Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven OoniOoni logo

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There are no costs to you or your friends and family.

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Zero-Fee cash funds for your registry.

Simply connect your PayPal.Me account to allow guests to contribute cash towards anything you desire with zero fees. Whether you set a specific goal or prefer an unlimited fund, it's completely up to you.

A small turtle swimming towards the camera Blue sea underwater with rays of light from the sun beaming down
Cash Fund
Honeymoon Snorkeling
£160 Goal £50 contributed
Blue and Pink breathing masks for snorkeling

Easy to use
Thank You Manager.

We keep track of who has purchased your gift from your wedding registry, making it easy to know who to send your thank you cards to.

Ben & Sarah

Mark as sent

Rachel Anderson

Mark as sent Thank you card sent

Jake Cooper

Mark as sent

What sets us apart?

Data collected by The Telegraph shows that other wedding gift lists are forcing guests to pay as much as double the price for products. Our service ensures your loved ones buy your gifts at the price you find from retailers, with no extra fees.

Source: The Telegraph, 2019
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Start adding gifts at the price that you find from any online store.

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Share your unique link to your loved ones.

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Receive your gifts

Your gifts can be delivered to you or receive them on the big day.

Create a list in under 5 minutes

Your friends and family buy your wedding gifts at the price that you find from the retailers, with no additional fees.

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Couples love what we do

Don't just take our word for it. Trusted by 4000+ couples. Start your free UK wedding gift list today!

Newlyweds in formal attire stand by a white car with 'Just Married' on the window, in front of an ivy-covered brick mansion.
Sam & Emma

We were recommended Marriage gift list by a friend and have had a great experience using it! It’s easy to keep track of who has bought what in order to send thank-you cards, it’s also a lot more flexible than other gift registries in that you can use as many different brands as you like, lastly, guests can use online discount codes or buy things on sale so we felt the price of our gifts were a lot cheaper than other registries.

A man wearing a green tweed suit with a dark green tie and his wife in a white wedding dress holding red and white roses
Meg & Dan

We can't thank you enough! Wonderful website. We managed to get everything we asked for with no fuss or delays. Certainly recommending to our friends in the future!

A woman wearing a beautiful white wedding dress holding flowers and a man in a white suit with a bright green tie.
Debbie & Pernel

We love Marriage Gift List! It made our lives easy by taking away the stress of worrying about gifts. We were surprised and excited each time gifts arrived at our doorstep. Great page!

A man and woman just married holding a large bunch of flowers posing for a photograph
Harrison & Soraya

We've really loved your website and benefited from asking for loads of items from different sites. It's made our wedding planning really simple.

A woman wearing a beautiful white wedding dress holding flowers and a man in a white suit with a bright green tie.
Liam & Charlotte

Brilliant website! We loved being able to add experiences and cash funds towards our honeymoon. 100% recommend.

A man and woman couple just married with confetti being thrown over them outside a church surrounded by friends and family
Rustam & Izzy

Thank you so much for providing this service - we have recommended it to all of our friends getting married. It was so user-friendly for both us and our friends/family, including the oldies!

Young man and woman couple just married looking into each others eyes walking in a field with a sunset background holding flowers.
Edward & Bethany

A simple, straight forward and elegant gift list site which was used by the majority of our guests and helped us send thank you notes in an efficient way.

White hair man just married sitting on chairs holding the brides wedding dress smiling.
Paul & Zoe

Fabulous site, thank you so much. You made everything so easy for us and our guests. I will recommend your site to anyone I know who is getting married soon!

Young man and woman couple celebrating marriage with a white low cut dress and beige suit with blue tie.
Danielle & Jake

It was incredibly easy to use and in particular we loved the Thank You Manager which made it so easy for us to write our thank-you cards.

2 men just sitting at the registry table getting married, one man pointing at his wedding ring pouting wearing light grey suits
Liam & Ryan

Great service. We found it really easy to set up our gift list and sending our thank-you cards after was stress-free.

Birdseye view photo of a man and woman laying down in the grass. Wearing a smart shirt with beige trousers and a beautiful wedding dress.
Alex & Nicki

Fantastic website, thank you! We will certainly be recommending this to our friends that are next up.

Bearded Man in a suit and Blonde woman in a wedding dress hugging with a green background.
Ryan & Harriet

Thank you for making this part of our wedding so easy to manage. We got everything we asked for with no issues.

Man and woman with pug on their wedding day. Both looking at the dog wearing a beige suit and white wedding dress.
Jackson & Nykole

Marriage Gift List was the perfect solution for us! We were able to request donations towards our favorite charity.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Marriage Gift List different?

At Marriage Gift List, we believe in transparency and fairness for both couples and guests. We offer a genuine value by ensuring your loved ones have a stress-free gifting experience.

Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Transparent Pricing: Your guests pay the exact price listed on the retailer's website – no hidden fees or markups from us.
  2. Unlimited Choice: Your wishlist isn't restricted to a specific range of items. You have the freedom to choose a product from any online store, all we need is a web address.
  3. Free to Use: Creating and managing your gift list is completely free. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees.
  4. No delays: While other gift lists typically deliver your gifts around 2 months after your wedding, we offer something better. You can choose to have your guests use your address when purchasing from the retailers, or you can opt for them to bring the gift with them on your special day, ensuring you receive your gifts promptly and hassle-free.
  5. No commitments: Start creating your gift list without signing up. You can experiment by adding a couple of gifts, then save your gift list to begin sharing.

With Marriage Gift List, both you and your guests can enjoy a fair and transparent experience. Create your free gift list today and experience the joy of stress-free gifting!

Marriage Gift List sounds great! But how does it work?

You can start building your very own gift list straight away. When you find an item you would like, simply copy the web address (URL) and paste it into our clever gift grabber so it can be added to your list. You are able to do this with as many items as you like.

Once you have made your dream gift list you can start sharing with your guests.

Guests can then go straight to your list and browse the items you have added. If someone decides to purchase an item, they will be directed to the retailer where they can complete the purchase.

Finally, your guests will return to Marriage Gift List to confirm their purchase. The purchased gift is then removed from the list, to ensure that you don't receive any duplicates.

Can I add a honeymoon / cash fund?

Absolutely! Easily add a custom fund to your registry and allow guests to contribute towards your honeymoon, a cherished household item, or any other special goal. View our guide on adding a cash fund to your wedding gift list.

Can multiple guests contribute towards a gift?

Make your dream honeymoon, home improvement project, or that special gift a reality! You can easily add a custom fund to your registry and allow guests to contribute towards it. Find out how to create a custom fund here.

How does delivery work?

You have the option to either have guests bring their gifts to the wedding or opt for delivery to your postal address. If you choose delivery, guests simply use your address during the checkout process with the retailer and the item(s) will be sent directly to you.

When are the gifts delivered to our address?

Gifts are sent directly to your address by the chosen retailer as soon as they are purchased by a guest.

How does Marriage Gift List work for guests?

Marriage Gift List makes it easy for your guests to find and purchase gifts you've chosen:

  1. Browsing Your Gift List: Guests can search for your gift list and explore the items you've selected.
  2. Selecting and Purchasing Gifts: Once a guest finds a gift they like, they'll be directed to the retailer's website to securely complete their purchase.
  3. After they purchase: After completing their purchase on the retailer's website, guests need to return to your gift list and mark the gift as "Purchased". We make this very clear to your guests so don't worry.

Guests pay the exact price listed on the retailer's website – there are no hidden fees or markups.

Guests can also choose your preferred delivery method by having the gift shipped directly to your address or bringing the gift along to celebrate with you on your wedding day.

Where do I see the gifts that have been purchased?

You can click on "View list" in your member area and you can see what gifts have been marked as purchased.

If you would like to see who has marked the gift as purchased from your list, you can head over to the "Thank you manager" and click on each guest to view the gift they have chosen for you.

Will my wedding gift list expire?

Your wedding gift list will not expire, but you can choose to delete it and close it permanently. This will, of course, mean that guests cannot access it at all.

Alternatively you can hide your gift list from your guests by simply toggling the "list open" / "list closed" in the members area.

Is there a difference between a bridal registry and a wedding registry?

No, these are the same types of service. It's really just down to preference in terms of how a gift list service refers to itself. We often use the term gift list at Marriage Gift List (it is in the name, after all), but we are also a bridal registry and a wedding registry.

Can I use Marriage Gift List to buy bridal registry gifts?

Yes! Marriage Gift List provides an easy way to create a customised wedding list, which works in the same way as a bridal registry.

Your guests can easily access your bridal registry list and choose from the range of items you have chosen.

We're working hard to be the best free wedding registry in the UK, so give us a try and see what you think!

How does a wedding gift registry work?

A wedding gift registry works in the same way as a wedding gift list. You select a gift registry service, create an account, build your customised list and then share it with your guests.

They are often free, but the stores available can vary depending on the service you choose. Marriage Gift List does not limit the stores you can use, whereas others can steer you towards gifts that pay them commission. Our wedding registry is designed to be a free, flexible and fun service first and foremost!

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