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How do I buy an item from the gift list?

  • Find a gift

    Step 1

    Once you have seen a gift you would like to purchase, click the relevant "View" button for your chosen gift.

  • Read instructions

    Step 2

    Read the instructions carefully and then proceed to the retailers website. You can then purchase the item like you would with any other online order.

  • Purchase the gift

    Step 3

    If you purchase the gift you MUST return to the gift list to let the couple know by completing the form.

Frequently asked questions

I accidently stated that I bought an item

When you purchase an item you should recieve a confirmation email from Marriage Gift List. From the email you can remove this purchase if necessary and it will appear on the couples gift list again. You may also edit the quantity you said you bought, your name and your personal message.

The couple might have specified a list manager who you can ask for help / advice - if so their contact details will be displayed at the top of the couples gift list at all times.

If necessary, you may contact our support team for help. Make sure that you quote the list ID number and title of the gift that you're having problems with.

Where do I send the gift?

Delivery instructions are displayed with each gift. The delivery instructions inform you whether you should have the gift delivered to an address, or to bring your gift to the wedding.

Am I buying from Marriage Gift List?


Marriage Gift List is only a "list management" system and we do not process any payments or have any control over the delivery of gifts.

Any purchases will be between yourself and the individual online retailer.

What is Marriage Gift List?

Marriage Gift List is a list that your friend or family member has set up so that they can ask guests to purchase wedding presents from a range of online stores.

Gifts will appear in a list format and allow you to search for the perfect gift, you will need to buy the gift from the website specified. Marriage Gift List is NOT an online shop!

I need more help!

The list creators might have specified someone to be the list manager for their gift list. If so, contact details for the list manager will be displayed in the "Need help" tab of the gift list. You should contact the list manager if you are confused about anything, or need to ask questions about a specific gift.

Please contact our support team with any other queries. We aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours.