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  • What is Marriage Gift List?

    Marriage Gift List is an online management system that allows you to create a list of gifts from any online store for your guests to view and buy from. The system will manage the list as gifts are purchased so you don't end up with any duplicate gifts.

    You are also able to customise the gift list your guests will see by adding some personal information and choosing one of our excellent themes.

    Best of all the entire system is FREE to use for both couples and guests!

  • How does Marriage Gift List work?

    Start building your gift list straight away. When you find a gift you would like, simply copy the web address (URL) and add it onto your list. You are able to do this with as many items as you like.

    Once you have made your dream gift list make sure to click save so you can start sharing with your guests.

    Guests login to your list and browse the gifts you have added. If a guest decides to purchase a gift, they are redirected to the website selling the gift where they complete the purchase. Finally, the guest must return to Marriage Gift List to confirm their purchase. The purchased gift is then removed from the list, to ensure that you don't receive the same gift more than once.

  • Why use Marriage Gift List?

    Marriage Gift List is unique in that you can select items from ANY online store. We don't limit you to using one store, so if you want gifts from Amazon, Debenhams, Argos or even a lesser known company, you can manage them all in one place.

    Marriage Gift List is also completely FREE of charge for both couples and guests!

  • How much does Marriage Gift List cost?

    Marriage Gift List is a free service and there is no charge for either couples or guests.

    We can afford to offer this service by attempting to monetise the links provided by referral commissions we receive from some of the companies you may add a gift from. This referral commission does not impact either the couple or the guest.

  • What about delivery?

    Delivery charges are dependent on the individual retailer. We have no say in any delivery charges or delivery times as when a guest clicks a "Buy" button on your list, they will be redirected to the retailer's website. If the guest purchases the gift from the retailer, then the agreement is between the person who made the purchase and that individual store.

    You are required to submit some delivery instructions before opening your list, so that your guests know how to get your gifts to you.

  • I am not receiving any emails from Marriage Gift List?

    Please check your spam and report any emails from us as "Not spam".

  • How do I add a gift to my Gift List?

    Once you have found a gift that you would like to add to your list, copy the web address (URL) for the page. Paste the URL into pop up box that will appear when you click the "Add a gift".

    After you submit the gift's URL, we try to scan it's web page and automatically extract the gift title, price and images. We cannot always locate the correct details on the page so you are advised to check the information yourself and edit it where necessary.

  • Can I add a honeymoon fund?

    Not just yet. Currently we do not have that functionality on our website, but it is certainly something that we want to add in the future, so watch this space. As an alternative you can request gift cards, just like you would add a normal gift.

  • Can I request an experience day?

    Yes! Just like you would add a normal gift. Copy the URL of the experience you would like and paste it into our pop up. We recommend sites such as Virgin experience days and Red letter days.

  • Can I request donations to charities?

    Yes! Just add the link to the charity like you would with a normal gift and adjust the quantity.

  • Can I request request gift cards?

    Of course! Find a link to the gift card and add it to your list like you would with a normal gift.

  • How do I change the currency?

    We currently only support GBP (£). We are looking to add in this functionality in soon.

    You can still add gifts with different currenies, but it won't appear correctly on your list just yet.

  • Guests bought the same gift by accident?

    In the unlikely event that this happens, we suggest you ask one of the guests to return the gift to the retailer and select a different gift from your list.

    Guests need to make sure they return to marriage gift list after purchasing the gift to confirm their purchase.

  • How do I add a portrait photo to my Gift List?

    If you would like to add a photo of yourselves to your list then you can do so by navigating to list setup portrait. Alternatively enter build mode and you can upload a photo there too.

  • How can I preview my Gift List?

    You can preview your list by entering build mode and selecting the preview button. Alterantively you can log into your own list in exactly the same way that guests do (either by navigating to the list URL driectly, or from the main Marriage Gift List website). You can do this at any stage to experience what your guests see when they view your list.

  • How can I change the header image of Gift List?

    There are several different header images for you to choose from. You can change this in build mode or within your setup and selecting theme.

  • How do I change my password?

    Below the login form you can click the "Forgotten your password" link and an email will be sent to you to guide you through the process.

  • What is the 'Thank you manager'?

    You can use the 'thank you manager' to keep track of which guests you have sent your thank you cards to. See what gift(s) they have bought you and read any messages they have left.

    Take note of their address and click the checkbox when you have sent your thank you.

  • What is a 'List Manager'?

    Our Gift Lists are designed to be very user-friendly, but we recommend that you nominate a "List Manager" to assist anyone who is having difficulty.

    Your List Manager should be computer-literate so that they can assist guests who may not be familiar with using a website.

    The List Manager should be available by phone and/or e-mail to answer any of your guests' queries about specific gifts, or the Gift List itself.

  • I need more Help!

    Please contact us with any other queries. We will attempt to get back to all queries within 48 hours.

    Alternatively chat to us live on Facebook messenger

  • How does this work?

    Watch our handy tutorial video to guide you through the process...

  • How do I confirm my purchase?

    When you click on a gift in the couples gift list it will open on a new tab. To confirm your purchase, simply navigate back to marriage gift list using your browser tab and a purchase confirmation box will appear.

    Tab click

    Confirm your purchase by selecting "yes" when asked "Did you purchase this gift" and complete in the information required.

  • What is Marriage Gift List?

    Marriage Gift List is a list that your friend or family member has set up so that they can ask guests to purchase wedding presents from a range of online stores.

    Gifts will appear in a list format and allow you to search for the perfect gift, you will need to buy the gift from the website specified. Marriage Gift List is NOT an online shop!

  • How do I buy an item from the gift list?

    Once you have seen a gift you would like to purchase, click the relevant "View" button for your chosen gift.

    Take note of the couple's delivery instructions, so you know where you should arrange for the gift to be delivered to.

    Step 1. After checking the quantity and any notes associated with the gift, click "I understand, visit retailer" and you will be sent to the website selling the gift. You can then purchase the item like you would with any other online order.

    Step 2. If you purchase the gift, you MUST return to the gift list to let us know by completing the form. This also allows you to leave your name, email address (to receive a confirmation email), address (This will only be used by the couple to send their thank you cards) and an optional message for the couple.

    Once you have confirmed your purchase, the "quantity" for that gift is updated, and the gift removed from the list if there are none left to buy.

    If you need to make any changes, check for your confirmation email and you can click the link to edit your purchase.

  • I accidentally stated I had bought an item!

    When you purchase an item you should recieve a confirmation email from Marriage Gift List (missing emails? Check your spam email). From the email you can remove this purchase if necessary and it will appear on the couples gift list again. You may also edit the quantity you said you bought, your name and your personal message.

    The couple might have specified a list manager who you can ask for help / advice - if so their contact details will be displayed in the "Need help" tab of the couples gift list at all times.

    You may contact our support team for help. Make sure that you quote the list ID number and title of the gift that you're having problems with.

  • Where do I send the gift?

    Delivery instructions are displayed with each gift. The delivery instructions inform you whether you should have the gift delivered to an address, or to bring your gift to the wedding.

  • Can I send money to the couple?

    We are working on adding a honeymoon fund option for our website, but it's not ready just yet. If you would like to send money to the couple, we recommend you arrange this with them personally.

    Marriage Gift List holds no responsibility for this.

  • The gift I want to buy cannot be found on the retailers website?

    If a retailer removes an item from their website, or they run out of stock - please inform the list manager (found in the "Need help" tab on the couples gift list).

  • Am I buying from Marriage Gift List?


    Marriage Gift List is only a "list management" system and we do not process any payments or have any control over the delivery of gifts.

    Any purchases will be between yourself and the individual online retailer.

  • I need more help!

    The list creators might have specified someone to be the list manager for their gift list. If so, contact details for the list manager will be displayed in the "Need help" tab on the gift list. You should contact the list manager if you are confused about anything, or need to ask questions about a specific gift.

    Please contact our support team with any other queries. We aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours.