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FAQ's for gift list owners

How is Marriage Gift List different?

Other gift list websites focus on a set range of gifts, partnerships with retailers, and increasing the prices of products to make a profit (effectively charging the guests more).

At Marriage Gift List you are getting exactly what you ask for at the price that you find from the retailers, with no additional fees. You have an unlimited choice and it's free to use!

Marriage Gift List sounds great! But how does it work?

You can start building your very own gift list straight away. When you find an item you would like, simply copy the web address (URL) and paste it into our clever gift grabber so it can be added to your list. You are able to do this with as many items as you like.

Once you have made your dream gift list you can start sharing with your guests.

Guests can then go straight to your list and browse the items you have added. If someone decides to purchase an item, they will be directed to the retailer where they can complete the purchase.

Finally, your guests will return to Marriage Gift List to confirm their purchase. The purchased gift is then removed from the list, to ensure that you don't receive any duplicates.

Can I add a honeymoon fund?

Yes! However we do not handle the money ourselves. The most popular way of adding a fund is with PayPal. You can create your own link, then simply copy and paste your link into Marriage Gift List like any other gift and start collecting.

Can multiple guests contribute towards a gift?

Unfortunately that is not possible, as guests will purchase direct from the retailers website, not through us.

You can always suggest to your guests to arrange this between themselves if you have a particularly expensive gift on your list, but it is not something we can assist with.

Some gifts have not arrived, what should I do?

You can find out who marked the gift as purchased in the "Thank you manager". The guest who marked the gift as purchased would need to contact the original retailer directly. We'd love to help but the transaction is between those two parties exclusively, so we are unable to intervene.

Why is data sometimes missing when I add a gift?

We do our best to grab all of the information required, but sometimes we can't get everything. So if the title or price is empty you can fill it in. If the image of the product is missing you can upload it.

How does Marriage Gift List work for guests?

When a guest selects a gift they would like to purchase from your list, they will be taken to the retailers website. They can then add the gift to their basket and head to the checkout on the retailers website. Once purchased the guest must go back to your list to mark the purchase as complete, this is made very clear to your guests. A confirmation box will appear for the guest and the gift will be removed from your list when marked as purchased.

Where do I see the gifts that have been purchased?

You can click on "View list" in your member area and you can see what gifts have been marked as purchased.

If you would like to see who has marked the gift as purchased from your list, you can head over to the "Thank you manager" and click on each guest to view the gift they have chosen for you.

Can I delete my account?

We would hate to see you go! But yes, you can delete your account at any time. Before you do - remember you can always hide your list from your guests with the switch in the members area.

To delete your account, simply login and go to settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a link to to delete your account.

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FAQ's for friends & family

How do I buy a gift?

Firstly, it's important to know that you'll be browsing the couple's gift requests on Marriage Gift List, but you won't be buying directly from us.

When you click on a gift you would like to buy for the couple, read the instructions carefully and take note of their delivery requirements. Proceed to the retailers website when you are ready to purchase.

On the retailers website add the gift to your basket and head to the checkout. Remember to use the delivery details as mentioned before and pay for the gift on the retailers website.

Here's the important part… return to the couple's gift list and a purchase confirmation box will appear. You will then need to complete the form to mark the gift as purchased.

I purchased a gift but it has not arrived

Marriage Gift List simply passes you on to the retailers website. We'd love to help but we are not responsible for any of the gifts purchased.

When you purchase a gift from the retailer, then the agreement is between yourself and the individual store. We are unable to intervene. If you have any problems with the gift, please contact the retailer directly.

Please note:
When you "mark the gift as purchased" on the couple's gift list, this is not a proof of purchase. You pay for the item on the retailers website, and you should receive a receipt from them via email for proof of purchase.

Where do I find the shipping address on the couple's gift list?

The shipping address will appear at the top of the couple's gift list and in the pop up of your chosen gift. Simply copy and paste the address when you go through the checkout process on the retailer site.

If you plan to give your gift in person, then ship the gift to your own address instead.

I marked a gift as purchased by mistake. How do I undo this?

Don't worry, you can undo this in no time. Look for an email from Marriage Gift List with the subject "Your Thoughtful Gift for [Couple's Names]" (it may appear in your spam folder).

Then simply click the edit your purchase button. You will see the item and at the bottom a link saying "Remove this purchase". Click the link and it will be available on the couple's list again.

If you don't see the email in your inbox, let us know and we can resolve it for you: Please state the couple's surnames and the item in your message to us.

I have already purchased the gift, how do I mark it as purchased?

Select the gift on the couple's gift list. A pop up will appear, click the "I understand, visit retailer" button and you will be transferred to the retailers website in a new window. Don't worry, you won't need to buy the item again. Simply go back to the couple's gift list and you can tell the couple you have paid for the gift. Complete the form and confirm your purchase to mark the gift as fulfilled.

Can I contribute towards a gift?

Unfortunately that is not something we can arrange.

If you know another guest attending the couple's wedding, you can always contact them and arrange to share the cost of the gift between you. Just make sure one of you marks the gift as purchased on the gift list.

How do I buy multiple items from the same retailer?

To keep it simple you would want to add all of your items to the same shopping cart so you can go through the checkout process once (which may save on shipping costs).

To do this, click on the first item you would like to buy and proceed to the retailers website. Add the gift to your shopping cart and head back to Marriage Gift List and click the button "Yes, I have paid". Complete the form and confirm to the couple that you have purchased.

You can then select the next gift from the same retailer and proceed through to their website again. Add the gift to your basket and you will see that your previous gift will be waiting in your basket. Repeat the steps of confirming your purchase to the couple and once you have added all of the gifts you would like to buy you are ready to checkout.

It's important that you mark each gift that you purchased as fulfilled. We don't want the couple's receiving any unwanted duplicates.

Can I send a cash gift?

Yes! However we do not handle the money ourselves. There are multiple ways the couple can request cash through their gift list, so it really depends on how / if they have done this.

We find the most common route is through PayPal. You can go to their link just like you would with any other gift on their list. After you have sent cash to the happy couple, head back to their gift list to mark your gift as fulfilled.

Alternatively you can always go with the more traditional route and pair your cash with a card to bring with you on the big day.

How does Marriage Gift List work?

Marriage Gift List is different from traditional gift list sites because we're not owned or operated by any retailer. Instead of buying items from us, we'll send you to third party retailers online to buy there instead.

Our goal is to give customers an open platform with the ability to add products from any store they like, while giving family and friends a quick and easy experience to purchase them. Our website is completely free to use and there are no hidden fees.

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