Before creating a cash fund, ensure your PayPal.Me account is linked to your gift list. Our guide: Finding your PayPal username will show you how to do this.

Once your account is linked you can click “Add a gift”, then using the tab at the top click “Add a cash fund”.

Adding a cash fund. Showing the popup box that allows couples to add a cash fund to their registry

Craft a captivating name for your cash fund! Guests like to contribute towards something meaningful, whether that be an expensive item you want or a honeymoon experience. This personalises the experience for your guests and allows them to feel more inclined. Psst... you don't necessarily have to spend it on that particular thing...

Entering the details of your cash fund and your total goal

  1. Setting a goal (optional): This allows guests to track the progress towards your target. However, we completely understand the desire for privacy. You can choose to leave the goal blank, keeping the total contributions hidden from other guests.
  2. Offer guests multiple ways to contribute: In addition to PayPal.Me, guests can also contribute in person by giving cash or cheques. Just toggle on “Allow your guests to give in person”.
  3. Add a captivating image: This could be a picture of your dream honeymoon destination, or even an item you'd love to receive. A relevant image helps guests connect with your goals and adds a personal touch to your gift list.
  4. Craft a fun and engaging message: Share a few words about what the cash fund will be used for, or simply express your gratitude to your guests for their contributions.

The couples gift list showing the cash fund that has just been added