Adding a gift

  1. Find Your Perfect Gift: Open a new browser tab and search for the gift you'd like to add, no matter the website.
  2. Copy the Gift's URL: Once you've found the desired gift, copy the web address (URL) from your browser's address bar. Lakeland website with airfryer cookbook
  3. Add the Gift to Your List: Return to Marriage Gift List and click "Add a gift". This will open a pop-up window.
  4. Paste the URL and Submit: Paste the copied URL into the designated box and click "Add gift." Adding URL to gift list
  5. Review and Edit: Marriage Gift List will automatically try to retrieve information about the gift. If any details (Product name, Price, Image) are missing, you can easily edit and fill them in directly within the pop-up.Adding gift to list
  6. Finalise and Add: Once you're happy with all the information, click "Add to list". You'll see the gift appear at the bottom of your gift list. Gift added to list

Editing a gift

To edit a gift, click the pencil icon and a familiar popup will appear. You can change the title, price, quantity, message and image. Click save changes and the gift will update on your list.

Editing gift details for the airfryer book

Deleting unwanted gifts

  1. Locate the Gift: Find the gift you wish to remove from your list.
  2. Click the Trash Icon: If available, click the trash icon next to the gift. This will trigger a confirmation pop-up. Removing the Airfryer cookbook
  3. Confirm Deletion: Click "Remove" in the pop-up window to permanently delete the gift from your list.

Moving a gift

If you would like to move a gift to a certain location in your list - simply click the move icon and drag to the position you would like it to appear. This position will save automatically.

Showing you how to move a gift

Please note: moving a gift is not possible on your phone or tablet, we apologies for the inconvenience.

Opening / closing your list

You can show or hide your gift list from your guests at any time. Simply click the "List open" or "List closed" switch. If your list is closed, guests will not be able to access your list to purchase gifts.

How to open and close your gift list