Marriage Gift List takes no fee and makes no money from your cash funds. Our wedding registry is designed to be a free, flexible, and fun service first and foremost.

When setting up your cash funds, you will need to use PayPal.Me. Typically, this is completely free in the UK, and no fees will be applicable to you or your guests. The only exception is International Transaction Fees: When transferring money abroad, there may be currency conversion fees involved. These fees are based on the current exchange rate and can add to the total cost of the transfer.

Please note we have no relationship with PayPal, and we do not have any detailed insights on their policies. To find out more about PayPal.Me, click here. If you are outside of the UK, please check the PayPal terms and conditions in your country for more information.

How we compare to other gift lists with cash funds:

Registry Fees Who pays
Marriage Gift List 0 Nobody
The Wedding Shop 2% Guests
Prezola 2% Guests
The Wedding Present Company 2% Guests
Buy Our Honeymoon £49 one time payment You