Some of your friends and family may require assistance from you. Here is how you can help them.

Marking a gift as purchased

A demo of how to mark a gift as purchased

On the odd occasion a guest may struggle to mark a gift as purchased. If you get contacted by a guest with this problem, you can mark the gift as purchased on their behalf:

  1. View your gift list by using the link you shared to your guests
  2. Select the gift that your guest would like to mark
  3. Click the link "Mark as purchased"
  4. Complete the form with the guests details
  5. Confirm purchase to mark it off your list

Gift marked as purchased by accident

How to undo a purchase

If a guest has marked a gift as purchased by accident, you can add the gift back to your list by going into your thank you manager and locating the guest name. Click “view purchase” and the gift will be revealed. Then you can click "Undo purchase". The gift will then be back on your list.

A guest has a problem with a gift they have ordered

If you are contacted by a guest who has a problem with a gift they have ordered, unfortunately we'd love to help but the transaction is between those two parties exclusively, so both yourself and Marriage Gift List are unable to intervene. You can advise the guest to contact the retailer directly.