Across the United Kingdom the regulations for weddings have changed in response to the rising Coronavirus numbers.  As before guests will need to social distance and make sure that they abide by the current regulations.

  • In England, today it was announced that the number of wedding guests allowed at weddings would be reduced from 30 to 15 guests from the 28th September. Weddings have to be held at a ‘Covid-secure’ venue and all precautions need to be in place.

The following is subject to change as more updates are announced in the next few days.

  • In Scotland, wedding ceremonies can hold up to 20 guests. The wedding reception must again follow the rules of social gatherings in Scotland.
  • In Wales, you are allowed to hold a reception for up to 30 people.
  • In Northern Ireland, small outdoor wedding ceremonies are allowed to take place. They can take place indoors if someone is terminally ill. The number of guests is based on the venues decision and their risk assessment.

The same regulations for the ceremony are still in place:

  • Ceremonies should be as short as possible
  • The playing of instruments and singing should be avoided
  • Different households should maintain social distancing
  • No food or drink should be consumed within the ceremony, unless it is essential for the ceremony.

What should you do if you are due to get married soon?

Smaller, intimate weddings can be just as magical, if not more so. However, if you feel that your day is going to be too different to what you had imagined then it is generally better to postpone your wedding rather than cancel. Venues and suppliers are trying to understand the new regulations, which are constantly changing, as much as we are so they will try to support you and find the best solution for all of you. You may not receive a full refund, however they will try to find you an alternative date which is available and suits you. Be prepared that there may be an additional cost if you decide to choose a peak season date if you had an off peak date beforehand.

Make sure to check out our last blog post which includes tips on how to plan a smaller wedding. It also looks at some of the benefits of having a smaller, intimate ceremony. It may not seem it at the moment but you will get your magical day and the most important thing to remember is that at the end of this you will still marry your partner and best friend.