The average total cost of a wedding in 2019 according to was £31,974, and more than half of couples needed financial help from their families to pay. This amount continues to rise year after year, so for those of us not exactly flush with spare cash to splash, saving is key!

Having your wedding in March could save you a few pennies, rather than booking during the traditional marital season.

As shown from data collected on UK weddings in 2018, the popular months are between June & September, so you should be able to grab yourself a great deal in March.

Month Weddings taking place
January 2%
February 3%
March 4%
April 9%
May 9%
June 11%
July 15%
August 17%
September 16%
October 8%
November 3%
December 3%

Between January and March, you are likely to find your dream wedding location available and at a cheaper price. Known as ‘off months’, it’s the typical time of the year where people are less likely to splurge out, or hold a special occasion due to unpredictable weather conditions. However, if you’re happy with an indoors wedding (unless March sees unusually hot weather!), many venues offer their spaces at cheaper rates, because they want to make a profit all year round.

Not only will the venue save you money, caterers and musicians may also be able to offer an ‘off month’ discount. You & Your Wedding says: “Only 4% of weddings take place in March, so venues could be persuaded into offering a discounted deal – a wedding in the quiet season is an incredibly clever way to save money on your wedding.”

Picking an unpopular month to enjoy your special day will leave extra cash for something you and your partner want, or go towards your lavish honeymoon!

Also it's worth taking a note of the most popular days of the week to get married in the UK (data from 2018)...

Day Weddings taking place
Monday 3%
Tuesday 2%
Wednesday 4%
Thursday 7%
Friday 18%
Saturday 56%
Sunday 9%