When planning a wedding, your guests first impression isn’t limited to just the day. The invitation is as important as any other aspect as it gives you a chance to get your guests excited for the event. Because of this, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to give your invitations a more personal touch than the standard, shop bought examples.

Add something special

Everyone loves extras, so jazz up your invites by adding something that gets your guests ready for the big day. Including something like a personalised balloon that your guests can blow up and reveal the event details makes them a part of the experience, which, of course, they are. Your invitation can even be helpful for the guests themselves by including something like a map to the venue or a handkerchief invite that doubles as a pocket square.

Give calligraphy a go

Difficult to master but well worth it, calligraphy can give your invites a sense of authenticity that you won’t find on traditional invitations. As writing a personal invitation for every one of your guests can be very time consuming, this method could be best suited for a smaller wedding, rather than a huge event. Some companies will be able to do it for you, although this can potentially be expensive if you’re on a smaller budget.

Think outside the rectangle

When you picture a classic invitation, you’ll most likely think of a standard rectangle shape, that easily fits into an envelope. An easy way to stand out from the crowd is to change the shape of your invitations to something more unique. Have fun with the size and shape of invites by experimenting with circles or other custom shapes. This is easy to do and shouldn’t affect the cost of sending them out, and your guests will remember them long after they’ve sent the reply.

Wrap it up

Whilst a wedding invitation can get you excited for the big day, sometimes it can feel like just another greetings card. Wrapping your invites in something personal or unique can really complete the package. Using a small muslin bag or a simple piece of twine or lace can add that little extra something to an invite. If you’re on a bigger budget, a leather pouch can add a huge amount of authenticity, making sure that your guests know that your wedding cannot be missed.

Get gilded

Nothing screams “wedding” better than gold, so why not add some to your invites. Whilst this can be an expensive option, it does give your invites a little bit of extra class that your guests are sure to respect. Gilded words with a stylised font can look impressive or, if you’re going for a more subtle look, you can add a small picture of signature to the bottom of the page.