Finding the right musician to provide the soundtrack for your wedding is one of the most important parts of the planning process. Not only will the music dictate the tone of the day, it also has the ability to bring strangers together and help produce the sought-after atmosphere for your perfect wedding.

DJs remain a popular choice for many couples who are looking for an affordable and convenient service. However, for a more personalised musical experience on your special day, why not hire a professional band or performer to create that inimitable buzz synonymous with live music. Bands can be a great alternative to DJs, as you can work closely with them to produce a unique soundtrack by combining your tastes with those of your guests, whilst ensuring the music matches the change in atmosphere throughout the day.

So, you have your heart set on finding a live performer, but which genre is right for you? When it comes to organising the music for your wedding, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of potential musicians offering up their services. It is important to take the time to figure out what the vibe of your wedding will be and marry this up with your musical preferences to ensure your performers don’t look out of place.


When you think of weddings, and the ceremony in particular, chances are you think of classical music. Whether it’s Mendelssohn’s ‘Wedding March’ or Wagner’s ‘Bridal Chorus’, this genre is synonymous with romance and weddings – so what better place to start your search? Granted, an exclusively classical playlist might not be to everyone’s taste, but for the more luxurious wedding it could be the perfect fit.

A classical band could set the right tone for the slower-paced elements of the day, such as the meal or cake cutting. One potential downside to classical performers is they may be less versatile when it comes to the evening’s entertainment, when a faster pace may be better suited to the mood of your guests. But, depending on the sort of wedding you are planning, a more relaxed soundtrack might be the ideal complement. Whilst employing the services of an entire orchestra may be a little profligate, you might be interested in a harpist or even a string quartet to set the desired mood.

Jazz and swing

If you are looking for a dependable way to get toes tapping and people dancing, then look no further than a jazz and swing band. Even if you are not accustomed to this particular style of music, good jazz and swing musicians are experts at filling a room with that feel-good factor you want at your wedding reception. If you are planning a party-style wedding with a large venue and guest-list, a jazz or swing band could provide the perfect backdrop for an evening you will never forget.

A common concern that arises when planning your wedding music is finding the right style to suit everybody in your party. However, bands of this genre are particularly well-versed in catering to different musical tastes, and will often play music from several different decades in their set. By putting their own twist on songs through the years, everyone in your party will be able to relate to the music at some point in the day, making your guests feel as much a part of the celebrations as you

Solo performers

Solo singers or guitarists can be the perfect musical accompaniment to the more intimate, low-key wedding. If a hectic, high-energy wedding reception sounds like your worst nightmare, then you might be better suited to a solo singer or guitarist. Typically much cheaper than a band, they are able to perform unique renditions of your favourite songs at the defining moments of your day. 

Another perk of employing a good soloist is that they can perform the conductor role at your reception, usually performed by the DJ, and ensure everything runs smoothly from the first dance to the very last. With the ability to flit between vocal songs for everyone to join in and classical solos for the more intimate moments, the versatility of soloists could set them apart as your perfect option.