No matter how much planning you do, it’s impossible to account for those last minute mishaps which can occur on your big day.

Having a survival kit on hand however allows you to quickly deal with these small emergencies so everyone can get back to enjoying themselves.

What we’ve listed below are just a few of the items that brides most commonly choose to include in their survival kits, but you’re obviously free to customize your own one to contain whatever you’d like.


You don’t need to carry the entirety of your makeup bag around with you, but having a few essentials like face powder, lipstick and a compact mirror close to hand for quick touch-ups will ensure you’re kept looking your beautiful best all throughout the day.

Remember to make sure any eye makeup you’ve included is waterproof (as nobody wants smudgy panda eyes in their photos!) and depending on how much room you’ve got, it could also be a good idea to pack in a few extras like wipes, a comb and hand lotion.

Sewing supplies

Needles and a few reels of thread in the colour of the wedding and bridesmaids dresses are all you really need to be able to quickly fix an accidental snag or tear and keep everyone in the bridal party feeling nicely calm.

A pair of mini scissors will also provide invaluable if you suddenly discover a trailing thread and brilliantly versatile safety pins can help to hold everything from pretty headpieces to loose dresses firmly in place.

Hair grips and hairspray

The amazing whirlwind of activity you’ll be caught up in on your special day, from taking lots of stunning outdoor photos to throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor, means that despite your hairdresser’s best efforts, your lovely ‘do might not stay perfectly in place.

A couple of packets of inexpensive black or brown hair grips and a bottle of small travel hairspray however, will be more than enough to keep all of those annoying flyaways at bay.


Even if you’ve played it safe and worn in your shoes before the wedding, it’s definitely worth taking a packet of plasters just in case any nasty blisters do end up forming.

Bringing along a pair of flat shoes to change into for the evening reception is a very common practice at many weddings but some gel cushioning insoles also make for an excellent alternative.

They take up much less room, will feel incredibly comfortable all night long and mean that you can keep showing off those brand-new high heels!

Deodorant and perfume

It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit hot and flustered on your wedding day but something as simple as a small can of deodorant and your favorite perfume will help to feel pleasantly fresh and clean, eliminating any stress you might have about how you look.

Nerves can also sometimes result in a dry mouth so it’s a good idea to bring some fresh mints or chewing gum as well, just remember to take it out before you walk down the aisle!