Coming up with a centrepiece idea can be difficult, there’s so much else to think about and organise! Hopefully our guide will be able to provide more than a little bit of inspiration and take the stress off at least one aspect of the wedding planning!


It may sound overly simple, but don’t underestimate the visual power of the candle. Keep it minimalistic and elegant with a single pillar candle in a tall monochrome vase or cute and quirky by placing a few smaller candles in some mason jars for a more vintage feel. Choosing to include candles of various heights can lend an interesting visual effect to your tables and the absolutely huge range of colours that candles are available in means that no theme has to be left out!


Although the bare branch is something traditionally associated with the darker, colder months of the year a straightforward bit of customization means that this decoration is able to fit in beautifully with any kind of season or theme. A sweet spring or summer centrepiece can be achieved with bright seasonal flowers and few faux birds whilst a sprinkling of epsom salt and glitter combines to create a magical sparkling effect. Spray paint is a cheap and effective way of ensuring a nice personal touch and that your favourite colours are able to coordinate well with your theme.


Like the candle, the lantern is capable of being a very versatile centrepiece. Combining several smaller lanterns with our branch idea from above, particularly hanging them on the piece or arranging them into a pretty border circling its base, is great for achieving a more naturalistic look whereas a taller type of lantern, casting a softer light over everybody at the table, helps to create a more intimate, family feel.


If you or your significant other are any type of literary fan incorporating books into your centrepieces could be a novel way of expressing your love for each other. A small stack of love stories whether they’re classics like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or a something a little more modern like Nicholas Sparks’ total tearjerker The Notebook would be a unique addition to your wedding, and could even encourage some highbrow conversation amongst your guests!


Let’s face it, despite everyone’s best efforts that wait for food at a wedding can sometimes feel like an age. So why not give your guests something tasty to snack on whilst they wait? Edible centrepieces have become something of a trend in recent years with everything from mouth-watering fruit arrangements to sweet treats like mini macaroons and cupcakes or even an artfully arranged selection of cheese and biscuits having taken pride of place in the centre of the table. It’s a lot more memorable than a simple bread roll.