These uncertain times are especially hard on the couples that have been excitedly planning their weddings and are now debating whether to carry on with their date, postpone or even cancel their special day. With social gatherings now limited to only a few people, many couples are opting to host a virtual hen or stag party.

Especially at times like this, we need our friends and family so there is even more reason to get dressed up with your friends and family and celebrate you and your upcoming special day. Here are some tips to help you plan your celebration and to make the most of your virtual celebration.

Choose a social platform and send out some fun invitations.  

Decide on the social platform that you want to host your event on. Schedule a meeting time which you can include on your invitations.

Even though it may not be the hen or stag that you originally imagined, it is still a special time and something to celebrate. Use the opportunity to design and create some fun invitations. You could send e-vites or post your own cards. Have a look online for some innovative ideas to design and create your invitations.

Get glammed up

After months of being in your comfy clothes or pyjamas, now is the time to put on your best dress, shirt or outfit. Style your hair, put on your makeup and pamper yourself before the event. Even though you will only see people virtually there is no reason why you should not feel amazing.

Plan the activities.

There are many activities and games that can be held on an online hen or stag. You could do a quiz about the bride/ groom or couple – who can get the highest score? Some other games that you can play online include charades, ’Never have I ever’ or truth or dare.

Have a dance and karaoke party. Play your favourite playlist of tunes and get everyone to get up and dance. It isn’t quite a nightclub but close your eyes and it is the next best thing! Ask your guests to perform their favourite karaoke hit. Some of your guests may choose to perform a duet. 

Another popular activity, especially at a hen party is for all of the guests to give the bride or groom some advice as they head into married life. There are a lot of templates for advice cards that you can order or have virtually for the bride or groom to keep after the event.

If you prefer a quieter celebration, then you could hold a virtual movie night. Some social platforms now allow you the opportunity to watch a film within a group to be able to share the film, funny and heart-warming moments.

You could also plan a ‘Bake Off’ style challenge. Send out a recipe to your guests before the event and judge the best bake at the end. The best part is that you all get to enjoy the recipe at the end!

Prepare the food.

Get all of your guests to prepare some ‘party food’ that they can enjoy throughout the event. You could even choose a theme to the food that all of your guests will feast on. Whatever your favourite food is, whether it is Mexican, Chinese or pizza enjoy a night of indulging with your best friends.

If you are planning the stag or hen party for the bride or groom, try to organise a food delivery to their house. Find out what their favourite food is or organise a selection of treats for them to enjoy. They will love the surprise!

Get the drinks flowing.

Design a cocktail/ mocktail for everyone to create and enjoy throughout the party. You could also get all of the guests to make up their own drink. Create a fun name for the drink and then share the recipes for everyone else to enjoy. Make sure that you make this clear on the invitation so that your guests have time to prepare beforehand.