1. Sustainable wedding

Being more sustainable is definitely something that more of us are starting to think about and be. Planning a sustainable wedding is one of the biggest trends of autumn 2020. There are many ways in which you can plan and hold a sustainable wedding. Think about the invitations that you send out – what material are they? Is there a recyclable option that you could use? Is the food that you have chosen sustainable or could you choose an eco-friendlier or local option? Are your flowers considered to be sustainable? More and more florists are finding innovative ways to produce sustainable displays such as not using oasis (flower foam) or using plants in pots rather than cut flowers. 

Speak to your suppliers and venue about how you can make your special day more sustainable. 

2. Flower clouds  

One trend that has been dominating 2020 weddings are flower clouds. Many couples are opting to not have large centrepieces dominating their tables anymore and are opting for soft, dramatic flower displays which suspend above the tables and around the venue. 

When planning your flower clouds think colour and texture. Consider grasses such as pampas grass, ferns, hydrangea heads, which can all be sprayed to add further colour and detail. 

3. Statement veils

The celebrity world has seen brides wearing personally designed veils. Hailey Bieber had ‘till death do us part’ embroidered onto the trail of her veil. The Duchess of Sussex had signature flowers from all of the countries in the British Commonwealth embroidered onto her veil. A personal touch and tribute to her new family. Many brides are opting to design their veil to tell the couples love story. Why not tell your own love story on your veil? Special words, initials, flowers, places and memories could all be symbolised within your own veil. 

4. Alternatives to a veil

Veils have been a tradition for brides for hundreds of years, however many modern brides are opting for alternatives in their headwear. There are many different options that you could wear as an alternative such as a headband which could be beaded or made from fresh flowers. A clip that could be made from beading, fabric or feathers (think SJP from Sex in the City). Ribbons could be woven through the hair or simply tied up as part of the hairstyle. Some brides are even opting for a hat. If you are planning a bohemian, outdoors wedding, why not consider adding a hat to your outfit to add a feature. 

5. Long banquet tables

Round tables have been the staple layout for weddings for many years. However, many couples are now opting for long banquet tables for their wedding breakfast. These long tables can really add a statement to any venue and allow you to make some amazing decorative displays. This set up is perfect for current restrictions and regulations that are in place. 

6. The ‘it’ flower of the year – the rose. 

Choosing your flowers is an exciting part of the wedding process and is a good opportunity to be as creative as possible. Mixing colours and textures is a fantastic way to add detail, texture and a feature to your wedding. After years of wild flowers and succulents, the flower of the year is the rose. There are so many beautiful shades of roses that you could include in your displays from whites, pinks, reds and yellows. This traditional flower has made a big come back this year so why not think about including it in your own floral displays. 

7. Dried flowers

Dried flowers are an innovative and often cost effective way of making an impact to your wedding displays rather than using fresh flowers. Whilst it can also be a more sustainable way of adding colour and texture to your day, dried flowers can create dramatic displays which can be sprayed. These dried displays will last much longer once the day is over, allowing you to continue to enjoy your floral displays after all the celebrations for weeks to follow. 

8. Confetti alternatives

Many venues now have restrictions on confetti, often due to sustainability reasons. There are many alternative ways that you can mark and celebrate becoming a newly married couple. Ribbon wands are a colourful way to mark the event. They have a wonderful tunnel effect in the photos which you could make colourful or keep neutral. Another alternative is using bubbles. A more sustainable option that again looks wonderful in the photos and is definitely fun for you and your guests. 

9. Be bold with colour.

2020 has definitely been a different year to what we had expected and with many couples having to postpone their weddings it is the perfect opportunity to make a statement when your wedding day arrives. Think bold autumnal colours, rather than the traditional pastel tones. Emerald greens, cobalt blues and burgundy reds and oranges can look incredible within autumn and winter weddings. These colours could be added to your invitations, decorations and even within the outfits.  

10. Welcome box 

Many venues now require guests to carry hand sanitizer and masks when they attend weddings. Why not make your own welcome boxes which include these items along with some tissues and some confetti (or your alternative to confetti) to make the guests feel welcome and to add a personal touch to your day.