When picking a menu for your reception, you can drive yourself mad trying to think of dishes that will please everyone. With so many guests with so many tastes, you might think it’s hard creating the perfect combination of foods and flavours. However, recent trends in wedding menus mean it’s easier than ever before to create something vibrant, modern and delicious.

Mini everything

The trend of mini-foods has dominated weddings in recent years, providing a quick and light snack or an interesting starter. Some will say bigger is better, but with ideas such as salads in shot glasses or fish and chips in a newspaper cone, mini-foods might suit your wedding much better. Mini hot dogs or burger sliders also makes an ideal starter or canapé if you’re planning on a big main course.

Savoury cupcakes

If you thought the cupcake craze was going away, think again. Cupcakes make the perfect entrée, with many chefs even branching into savoury versions. Mini meatloaf topped with rosemary and mashed potato “icing” or a tomato and basil parmesan mix can make a great savoury addition to a meal. Don’t be put off if you hear about cupcakes working as an entrée – they might just be the perfect savoury snack.

Individual wedding cakes

If the royal wedding rumours are true, then this could be the hottest trend to try at your wedding. While it seems a little “out there”, an individual, smaller wedding cake on each table will allow your guests to cut and admire their own dessert, rather than have something simply handed to them on a plate. This also allows you to personalise cakes, especially if you have one family or group of friends per table.


If you’re looking to inject your reception with a Spanish influence, tapas might be the right road for you. Perfect for a more relaxed wedding, tapas allows guests to mingle and try all sorts of different flavours such as paella cups, garlic shrimp skewers and lime fish. If you want to keep your menu tied together without forcing your guests to sit at one table all night, then tapas is perfect.

Food trucks and street foods

Usually relegated to music festivals or the side of streets, street foods are now one of the hottest things in the culinary world and are even making their way into weddings. Food trucks can be great if you want to put a unique, kooky spin on your reception cuisine. Enjoy another culinary trend with pulled pork, pizza, jacket potatoes, halloumi or other high demand foods.